Todd Price on CoinGeek Backstage

Todd Price talks about BSV Blockchain Association’s education initiatives on CoinGeek Backstage

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Blockchain has been perceived as a complicated technology that takes years and massive resources to learn. The BSV Blockchain Association is committed to debunking this myth through education initiatives, Todd Price tells CoinGeek Backstage.

Price was at the University of Exeter for the sCrypt hackathon, where students learned about Bitcoin smart contracts and built their first blockchain apps. He was invited to mentor the students by sCrypt co-founder Xiaohui Liu and Elas co-founder Brendan Lee, he revealed in an interview with CoinGeek Backstage host Becky Liggero.

The hackathon had something for everyone, with Price revealing he had learned a lot himself.

“I’ve managed to deploy a few contracts, create a front-end and have it all synced out. That’s an achievement for me,” he said.

The Philippines is a leader in global blockchain adoption. The Association is leveraging this high blockchain awareness to educate Filipinos about the technology’s opportunities. Initially, the Association will work with universities.

“First, we’re going to do some faculty-wide training, hopefully creating competent educators that are able to teach our materials,” Price revealed.

“We’ll start with an introductory ‘blockchain for business’ course, and then we’ll move into business computing with blockchain, and with time, we’ll put together an advanced business computing course which would cover sCrypt and other complex platforms,” he added.

The Association is also working with government officials to educate them about blockchain technology. The Philippines’ President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has called on the Southeast Asian country to leverage blockchain and other emerging technologies to foster economic growth. This push has seen the government at a national and provincial level working on integrating blockchain into its systems.

sCrypt Hackathon at University of Exeter: Building smart contracts with blockchain

YouTube video

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