The power of nanopayments on display at CoinGeek's pop-up Bitcoin Arcade poster

The power of nanopayments on display at CoinGeek’s pop-up Bitcoin Arcade on April 9

This Saturday, the first CoinGeek Bitcade will be held in the current digital currency hotspot of the United States—Miami.

The pop-up Bitcoin arcade will take place at the Broken Shaker in Miami, Florida, between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST on April 9. This first-of-its-kind Bitcoin arcade will showcase games using nanopayments that are built on the BSV enterprise blockchain. The featured games are developed by CryptoFightsHaste Arcade, Sato Runner, and Duro Dogs.

The venue can only accommodate up to 100 guests. Therefore, the guests will be welcomed on a first come, first serve basis. The CoinGeek team will help the guests get onboarded onto HandCash, a Metaverse wallet where they will receive satoshis to play games in the arcade. Experts in the gaming and Bitcoin technology space will be present at the event to answer the guests’ questions.

Among the featured games at the pop-up Bitcade is Haste Arcade, which brings old-school games arcade experience online. The top players in a game are awarded via Haste Arcade’s patent-pending Instant Leaderboard Payout (ILP), which divvy the payouts from the small entry fees paid by the rest of the players.

Duro Dogs, meanwhile, is similar to the popular 90s game Tamagotchi, where users look after a digital pet on a handheld device. With Duro Dogs, the digital pet is actually an NFT that can level up as it learns new skills and owns more assets.

The pop-up Bitcoin arcade couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. This week, the BSV blockchain processed a historic 10 million transactions within a 24-hour period—making the network now responsible for over 78 percent of all blockchain-based transactions in the world.

The notable rise in total BSV transactions can be attributed largely to the growth of gaming on the network. CryptoFights, which is also showcased at CoinGeek’s pop-up Bitcoin arcade, has been supplying an overwhelming majority of those transactions, and the popularity of these BSV games is growing.

Come and play games at CoinGeek’s Bitcade on April 9 and discover the power of nanopayments—with some drinks and tacos on the side. Interested in checking out these Bitcoin arcade games? Click here to register and join CoinGeek’s pop-up Bitcade.

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