London Blockchain Conference 2024

The London Blockchain Conference is about to kick off—register to attend today!

We’re getting closer to the start date of the world’s best blockchain conference, the London Blockchain Conference 2024.

From May 21st to 23rd, 2024, some of the greatest thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors in blockchain technology will gather at ExCel London to discuss the utility of blockchain technology and how it can revolutionize entire industries and the world.

This conference is all about how blockchain technology, AI, and Web 3.0 can create a transaction-based economy that brings value to businesses. Some of the brightest technical and business minds in the industry will speak, and if you attend, you’ll have a chance to mingle with them.

London Blockchain 2024 speakers list

Speakers come from a broad range of backgrounds, including active entrepreneurs and founders. Notable names include:

  • Dagamra Aldridge, Chief People and Culture Officer from Zumo.
  • Steven Bacci, Principal Worldwide Solutions Architect at AWS.
  • Amarachi Amaechi, Bitpowr Technologies Inc Co-founder & COO.
  • Ahad Ali, Director of Communication from Web 3.0
  • Alun Cairns, MP for Vale of Glamorgan.

Some of the biggest names working on the BSV blockchain will also speak at the event, including Gregory Ward from SmartLedger Solutions, Kurt Wuckert Jr. from Gorilla Pool, and Richard Baker from Tokenovate.

Some VCs and investors’ family offices will also attend. Paul Rajchgod from Ayre Ventures, Patrick Prinz from Venture Capital & Private Equity, and many others will attend. Those with networking tickets will be able to mix and mingle to strike deals and learn about opportunities.

It’s all about blockchain utility

The London Blockchain Conference is not a “crypto” conference. In fact, you probably won’t hear about coins or token prices at all.

Instead, the focus will be on blockchain utility and how entrepreneurs and institutions are using it to shake things up. For example, at last year’s conference, Bryan Daugherty and Gregory Ward from CERTIHASH demonstrated how Sentinel Node can be used to quickly and easily detect cybersecurity breaches, leaving time-stamped evidence of what happened on the blockchain.

You can expect to learn about this at the London Blockchain Conference, which will be held from May 21st to 23rd at ExCeL London. Join us to find out what’s happening in blockchain and how you can get involved. Tickets start at £49 for the networking pass or £99 to attend virtually.

Book your ticket today to secure your place at the world’s number-one utility blockchain conference. Tickets are selling quickly, and there’s no time like the present to make sure you can attend. We hope to see you there!

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