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The CoinGeek Pulse Episode 21: ECB predicts digital euro rollout, SEC chair steps down, Ark launches

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In this episode of CoinGeek Pulse, we hear some encouraging news coming from the European Central Bank. According to its President Christine Lagarde, she believes the bank may move ahead with the digital euro.

At present, the ECB is studying the implications of a digital euro. The bank is set to announce their decision on whether to move forward with it by January 2021. While a decision is two months away, Lagarde says the launch could take much longer. She expects a two to four years’ timeline before its launch.

Meanwhile, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton is reportedly stepping down at the end of this year—months earlier than expected. His term would have ended on June 2021.

Clayton is known for his cautious stance on digital currency exchange-traded funds (ETFs). A number of Bitcoin ETFs were filed with the SEC under his leadership, but none of them were approved. Clayton’s non-approval of ETFs stems from his concerns over “Bitcoin price manipulation on unregulated crypto exchanges and the lack of proper crypto custody providers.”

Clayton was sworn in as the SEC chairman in May 2017 after being appointed by President Donald Trump.

In other news, there’s a place online you can now go, to chill-out and enjoy content that you picked out to consume. is up and ready for everyone to enjoy. It’s your personal library on Bitcoin SV where you can earn Bitcoin for curating content. Its unique feature allows you, the user to have control over which ads and promotions you’d like to see. Moreover, algorithms are not used in Ark. Users will see content based on human interaction and thought. Feeds will be dictated by market forces and not from the top-down by tech conglomerates.

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