The BSV Pitch: Xiaohui Liu of sCrypt

The BSV Pitch: Xiaohui Liu of sCrypt

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The founder of Bitcoin development application sCrypt has said more developers should act on ideas that help contribute to the wider Bitcoin ecosystem.

Speaking on the sidelines of the inaugural Pitch Day in Seoul, Xiaohui Liu said more startups should be pitching ideas to investors in order to get their ideas off the ground, at a time of increasing investor interest in Bitcoin SV (BSV) innovation.

In October, Liu pitched to a panel of investors assembled in Seoul for the first ever Bitcoin Association Pitch Day. The event gives Bitcoin startups the opportunity to present their investment case to a series of investors, as well as the chance to receive feedback on their products and ideas.

Pitch Day is open to submissions from startups at various stages of development, and is created as an event to both help startups but also help investors, in identifying the next big innovations built on BSV.

sCrypt is a development protocol aimed at making it easier for developers to access Bitcoin infrastructure. It aims to replace the native language that is building Bitcoin, which is notoriously complex and challenging for those looking to build on the blockchain.

According to Liu, this complexity has hindered the development of applications on BSV. sCrypt was designed to make it easier for developers to port their innovations to the blockchain, in a bid to encourage more development on the protocol.

In his interview, Xiaohui said it was more important to help the wider Bitcoin ecosystem than secure funding on the day. However, with investors taking a keen interest in the goings on in the BSV world, there has never been a better time to apply to pitch concepts at an upcoming event.

Applications are already being invited for those looking to pitch at the upcoming CoinGeek London Conference in February 2020. Take it from Liu, who tells us:

If you want to contribute, there’s nothing to stop you. Just get some good ideas, and then start building.

And with the opportunity to pitch to investors at CoinGeek London providing a vital shot at securing the funding required, developers now have a direct route to those with an interest in backing innovation in Bitcoin.

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