The BSV Pitch: Rogelio Reyna of Binde

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Applications are already open for the next round of the Bitcoin Association’s Pitch Day, an event which gives businesses the chance to pitch for investment to a panel of blockchain industry backers.

With a specific focus on businesses and apps developing on Bitcoin SV (BSV), the first Pitch Day event was held at the CoinGeek Conference in Seoul in October. The event saw a selected lineup of firms at various stages of the development cycle present their case for investment, at a time of rapid innovation and enterprise in the BSV ecosystem.

Rogelio Reyna pitched on behalf of his firm Binde, a tool which allows law firms to access records of historical truth. The firm’s co-founder and CEO, Reyna has identified an opportunity for market disruption through blockchain technology, specifically in the legal technology sector, where his firm is relying on BSV to provide immutable legal records.

He said the platform changes the paradigms of the applications currently available to law firms, and will contribute to a more honest world through its definitive records of truth, written to the blockchain.

Setting out his vision to CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower, Reyna said the company was dedicated to improving productivity within legal tech on the Latin American continent through the use of blockchain, and specifically BSV.

Binde is a company dedicated to improving productivity in selected businesses. Initially targeting Latin American legal tech sector. It’s a market that is readily able to be disrupted using blockchain technology.

Binde primarily helps law firms create, protect and commercialize IP, especially for B2B applications. According to Reyna, the application is built on bitcoin SV because of the need for microtransactions and immediate scale.

In explaining the decision to go with BSV, Reyna said the blockchain was chosen by Binde as the only platform stable enough and sophisticated enough for the application’s needs.

The next Pitch Day event is scheduled to take place at the CoinGeek Conference in London in February 2020, giving more developers the chance to pitch their BSV startups to investors.

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