Global speaker lineup comes to CoinGeek Toronto for Bitcoin SV’s massive scaling plan and thriving ecosystem

Toronto, Ontario – May 2, 2019 – The exciting global lineup for CoinGeek’s Toronto conference is proof of the health and vigour of the Bitcoin SV (BSV) community. CoinGeek Toronto will focus on massive scaling of Bitcoin to become the world’s new money and global enterprise blockchain. That is only possible on Bitcoin SV, the only project to follow the original design, protocol and vision of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Building on the success of last year’s London conference which occurred shortly after BSV emerged, Toronto will welcome new and familiar names to the stage from across the world, alongside BSV leaders such as Dr. Craig Wright of nChain and Jimmy Nguyen of Bitcoin Association.

The two-day event will have a Developers Day on May 29, with the main conference on May 30. 

Among the new speakers at the event will be Kate Hiscox, founder and CEO of Vancouver-based DRIVE Markets, an institutional crypto and fiat exchange which has just announced an investment “in the multiple seven figures” from Calvin Ayre, founder of CoinGeek and a major supporter of BSV.

BSV’s entry into the world of role-playing online games and eventually e-sports will be described by two executives from Kronoverse, the U.S. game development company behind CryptoFights, which will be recording player battles to the BSV blockchain. Adam Kling, founder & CEO and David Case, chief architect, of Kronoverse will even give a tech demo of CryptoFights’ use of the BSV blockchain.

Cole Diamond is probably the speaker with the shortest distance to travel, as CEO of Coinsquare, the Toronto-based cryptocurrency trading platform. Cole will talk about the future of cryptocurrency exchanges, a timely topic given recent controversies about exchanges.

More new speakers coming from across the globe will be Boris Javier Barrera Garcia, founder and CEO of the Colombian BSV payment service and Lin Zheming, co-founder and CEO of Mempool, a Bitcoin mining pool in China.

The Toronto event will also feature familiar names, such as long-time and well-respected Bitcoin executive Jack Liu (formerly of the OKEx and Circle exchanges). Coming from Hong Kong, Jack will be talking about his two new ventures, FloatSV, a BSV-based exchange and RelayX, which he calls a “super-wallet” as it’s compatible with a wide range of other products. Both projects are designed to promote BSV user adoption and increase transaction volumes, playing to the strengths of BSV’s highly scalable blockchain.

From Japan, another notable Bitcoin advocate Jerry Chan, general manager at Japanese financial services powerhouse SBI Group in Tokyo, will share his ideas about the age of data and accountability using blockchain technology.

Also back by popular demand to report on progress of their businesses will be Elizabeth White of New York’s The White Company, which is moving from high-end Bitcoin retail into payment solutions; Michael Hudson from London’s Bitstocks, talking about Gravity, his new “Bitcoin banking ecosystem”; Stephan Nilsson, from Norway’s UniSOT company, which is building an ERP and supply chain management solution on the BSV blockchain; and Kristy-Leigh Minehan, CTO of Core Scientific, everyone’s favourite crypto mining expert.

They join more speakers from Australia, Slovenia, South Africa, and Spain for a truly global event.

For big ideas and some revelations, don’t miss the closing interview of the conference, when Jimmy Nguyen, chair of nChain’s Strategic Advisory Board and founding president of Bitcoin Association will explore the origins of Bitcoin with none other than its creator Dr Craig Wright, nChain’s Chief Scientist – who will discuss once and for all his creation of Bitcoin.

And of course, to celebrate, there’ll be one of Calvin Ayre’s famous after-parties – the like of which Toronto has not yet seen!

For full details and to reserve tickets to CoinGeek Toronto, register here. See you in Canada at the end of May!

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