The Bitcoin SV Vision: Episode 27

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This week, the Founding President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen is back with the latest developments in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. For this episode, Jimmy was in the blockchain island of Malta for the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit. Jimmy and Dr. Craig Wright were among the guest speakers at the event, addressing big data on BSV and why Bitcoin is meant to be honest money respectively.

The Bitcoin Association recently held its first BSV: Bitcoin for Business event, one in a series of events aimed at educating business executives about why BSV is the best blockchain network for their enterprise needs. The first event was held in Tokyo, Japan, and was hosted by Jerry David Chan, the Bitcoin Association regional manager for Japan and South Korea.

The event was a huge success, with over 60 business representatives from major companies, crypto exchanges and media attending. Dr. Craig Wright graced the event, talking about the history of Bitcoin, why Bitcoin was meant to bring more honesty to the world, how the audit trails on the blockchain can eliminate corruption and more.

Jimmy revealed that the Bitcoin Association is the new proud sponsor of the Metanet Society at Cambridge University. The sponsorship will help the development of Bitcoin SV in the prestigious institution. The society is led by Robin Kohze, a BSV enthusiast whose application Hive took second place at the Bitcoin Association Virtual Hackathon in Seoul.

YouTube video

The first event by the Metanet Society was held in October, with Dr. Wright and Jimmy being the featured speakers. After his talk, Satoshi joined the students for a drink, with some students being the lucky recipients of an autographed copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper from Satoshi.

Jimmy also looked at some of the applications that are building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, the first of which is Preev. Preev is an easy-to-use platform that allows its users to view the BSV exchange rate, recording it against fiat currencies and other assets on the BSV blockchain. Preev also supports BTC, Litecoin, Ether and BCH. The application gives its users the most up-to-date price data as well as historical data, all of which is stored on the immutable BSV blockchain. Preev has become extremely popular, even overtaking at times WeatherSV to become the top transactions generator on BSV.

Quotes on Chain allows you to publish your favorite quotes on the BSV blockchain. Quotes can also be shared from the site via a generated link. To publish a quote on the platform, all you need is a Money Button account. Whatever your favorite Satoshi quote is—or anyone else’s- you can publish it on chain.

Business globally will now be able to accept BSV seamlessly via an internet browser thanks to Little Rocket POS, a simple and easy-to-use point-of-sale. The company will offer advanced features such as private signups for a small fee. Little Rocket believes that the fee will be a small price to pay for the ownership and protection of a user’s data.

For this week’s Satoshi Shout Out, Jimmy lauded the efforts of Air Quality Index, a new tool that uploads air index data for over 3,000 locations in China onto the BSV blockchain every hour. Developed by Aaron Zhou, AQI has become one of the biggest drivers of transactions onto the BSV blockchain.

Jimmy concluded, “We like big blocks, but they only mean something when people are creating applications that actually use the blockchain, that generate transactions, that demonstrate the utility that Bitcoin was born to be.”

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