Preev surpasses WeatherSV as the top BSV transactions generator

Preev surpasses WeatherSV as top BSV transactions generator

With other cryptocurrencies, the focus is almost exclusively on the market price. In the Bitcoin SV (BSV) community, the price is just a result of all the activities on the chain as developers continue to build on the only blockchain project that can massively scale. The competition within the BSV community is intensifying, with Preev finally toppling WeatherSV as the largest transactions generator.

For quite some time now, WeatherSV has dominated the charts as the BSV applications with the most transactions. The platform stores and displays climate data on the BSV blockchain, allowing its users to maintain a local automated weather channel with access to over 40,000 live weather stations. The platform has proven very popular, but now, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Preev is a simple platform that allows you to view the Bitcoin exchange rate or convert any amount of BSV into fiat. The platform gathers data continuously from multiple markets, offering its users the most up-to-date price. A weighted average price of these markets is shown by default, based on 24-hour trading volume.

Preev’s simple layout allows its users to compare Bitcoin to the U.S. dollar, the Euro, the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar. Furthermore, you can compare the price of Bitcoin to precious metals such as gold and silver. The platform also allows you to check on the prices of other cryptos including BTC, ETH, BCH, Litecoin and more.

In a Twitter post, the Preev team noted how the “transactions are growing and more businesses are competing. This is far more important than price.”

Preev’s rise comes at a time when Bitcoin SV has established itself as the leading blockchain project, eclipsing the defunct BTC in daily average transactions. While the BTC camp has continued to speculate on the price, developers in the BSV community have focused on building real-world applications that seek to better the lives of their users. Their efforts are being rewarded with each passing day as the number of users rises, pushing the transactions higher.

Prolific BSV developer Unwriter took to Twitter to celebrate the milestone stating, “You no longer need to convince people BSV will work someday. That ‘someday’ was officially yesterday. Numbers don’t lie. Now, the only thing you need to sell is your product. The portal to the outside world has opened.”

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