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The Bitcoin Bridge: Researcher & entrepreneur Laura Igwe Odii talks about the BSV potential

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When the internet was invented back in the 20th century, there was no way people could have imagined just what an impact it would make. And yet, here we are, several decades later, with billions of people and most of the global economy online. That’s the thing with revolutionary technology—it takes a lot of time, research, and development to realize even just a fraction of its potential, and the growth never stops. 

The same could certainly be said for the BSV blockchain.

BSV blockchain: A pleasant surprise

Kicking off 2022 for The Bitcoin Bridge, Jon Southurst talks to a researcher and entrepreneur who is conducting some of the earliest studies on the potential of BSV technology. With over five years of experience working in property and sales in London, Laura Igwe Odii took it upon herself to study just how the BSV blockchain can be used to bolster the property and construction industry.

Odii tells Southurst that she found out about the word “Bitcoin” in 2017—fairly late compared to others who have been following the technology since the release of the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper in 2008. And when she decided to do a dissertation on BSV, Odii says what she found out came as a bit of a surprise. 

“When I was looking for comparable research papers on Bitcoin SV, there was literally nothing,” she said. Odii goes on to explain that there were tons of papers about other popular blockchains, the studies all talked about the shortfalls, bottlenecks, and problems of the blockchains.

“At least I had a lot to talk about in my literature review, because I could just critically pull apart all these other papers complaining about the scaling problem and all of these problems with blockchain,” Odii says. “And it’s quite laughable because there is a blockchain that already solves all of those issues.”

People don’t hate BSV’

The BSV blockchain has its fair share of doubters—partly because of the threat that its potential poses to competitors. However, Odii tells The Bitcoin Bridge that there aren’t as many people who oppose BSV as people in the industry would think.

“I think a lot of people haven’t heard of Bitcoin SV—and a lot more people than we realize,” Odii explains, saying that people are still generally open to hearing about the benefits of blockchain in general. 

The researcher and entrepreneur adds that people are likewise open when it comes to the creator of bitcoin itself: Dr. Craig S. Wright.

“In reality, people don’t have that much against Bitcoin SV,” Odii says. “They’ve never heard of Craig. They don’t hate him. They don’t know who he is. They don’t know that there’s all this propaganda going on.”

Odii says this is why she wanted to focus her project on blockchain education and a general framework for blockchain adoption. 

“Hopefully, they’ll come to the same conclusions as us and find that Bitcoin SV is the best blockchain for them to use,” she says.

Strengthening the construction supply chain, reliability

So how exactly can BSV be used in the construction and property industry? 

For starters, Odii says that the BSV blockchain can be used to strengthen the supply chain and improve reliability. Her vision for the technology is to eventually come to a point that sourcing construction materials can be done virtually.

“Every time you look at the wall or you look at a door frame or something like that, you’ll be able to sort of click on the door frame and find out exactly where it’s coming from and where it’s been sourced from, what the quality is,” Odii explains. “Because if it’s all stored online anyway, then that’s the sort of level of assurance we’d want to give to the customers looking to buy a property.”

Odii gives the London Grenfell fire as an example of what could go wrong when you use untrustworthy materials. In this industry, everything could literally go up in flames under the right circumstances.

For Odii, the research continues
As Odii tells Southurst, she is “busy, busy, busy,” and when she’s not taking care of family, she’s working on BSV research and the businesses she wants to establish on the blockchain. That means for her, the work’s not stopping anytime soon.

“I’d love to keep and keep working on the research,” Odii says. “I never stop researching. I’d love to keep up to speed with the innovations and these cases for the industry.”

Watch the full interview with Jon Southurst on the CoinGeek YouTube channel to learn about everything that Odii is working on—including a project with the startup incubator Satoshi Block Dojo.

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