Laura Igwe Odii with Women of BSV: My thesis will link BSV to property and construction

Laura Igwe Odii with Women of BSV: My thesis will link BSV to property and construction

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Laura Igwe Odii, an entrepreneur, thought leader in the Bitcoin space and a familiar face on Twitter and Clubhouse, was featured on the Women of BSV to discuss, explore and share ideas on digital currencies, security, construction industry, and the future of financial systems.

With a Masters in Cybersecurity Technology from North Umbria University under her belt, Odii has career experience in the property and construction business. Passionate about the construction industry, she is currently brainstorming ways to bring Bitcoin SV into this space while her business partner is pursuing a degree in AI, Data Information, and Cloud Technology.

After studying mathematics in school, she moved to London, where she religiously researched world politics and financial systems to understand how these systems would evolve. In 2017, she came across the term Bitcoin for the first time. Odii realized the massive potential Bitcoin has, following which she read about Dr. Craig S. Wright and learned more about the implications of data.

“With my level of interest in mathematics and cryptography, I wish I had come across it sooner,” Odii said. 

Speaking about her dissertation on linking BSV to the property and construction industry—a deductive framework for companies to follow the Bitcoin framework, Odii shared that the thesis will mainly guide those who don’t know where to start and figure out what services are best for them. The research focuses on using the blockchain for business processes, construction, and planning.

“Technology, business planning and modeling, links in very well with blockchain and to use it as a service, for instance, the way UNISOT is using the BSV enterprise blockchain to streamline the supply chain of the seafood industry. Blockchain is really going to transform any industry and bring transparency and openness,” Odii pointed out. 

“It’s a shame that people haven’t come across BSV yet, because I know companies that are facing challenges including legal implications while using blockchains like Ethereum,” she observed.

Odii stated that to spread more awareness about BSV, people need to see something tangible like UNISOT. The BSV community should persistently organize chats around improving security and privacy on the internet, which is a big concern now. 

“It is a very big idea and is not something that can be churned out overnight; it will take time to build. We’ll need SPV channels to make the app work that I would like to build. We will rely on the channels that are now up and running but weren’t quite ready about a year ago. Also, good onboarding and the offboarding ramp are important to the apps that I would like to build. We don’t just want to appeal to the BSV community; we want to appeal to the mainstream,” she explained. 

What are your thoughts on the politics around BSV?

Odii recalled one of the many instances when Dr. Wright was criticized/targeted a couple of years ago, and there was a lot of attention on BTC, then, where the BTC community was “selling a dream.” Years later, however, BTC isn’t doing anything, and the status quo will not last anymore. 

She added that the companies would need to reset the way they operate once BSV succeeds, offering several opportunities to entrepreneurs. The technology entrepreneurs are being challenged the first time, wondering whether someone is building a Facebook or Twitter on the blockchain, threatening the status quo. “Some people will always try to use BSV as evil. But to me, it is like a light showing transparency and truth, but also allowing for increased privacy,” Odii expressed.

She mentioned that people do not realize how restrictive the current internet is and that they will be surprised how their lives will change for good once BSV is up and running. “We will see a small-world network and have the kind of support that was never available before,” Odii said with excitement. 

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