Ninja Punk Girls founder Richard Boase joined The Bitcoin Bridge

The Bitcoin Bridge: Ninja Punk Girls gives an NFT take on trading card games

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If you love games, girls, and NFT technology, then you’re going to love Ninja Punk Girls. It’s the newest twist on trading cards where players can go head-to-head with precious cards, power-ups and other prizes on the line.

Ninja Punk Girls founder Richard Boase joined The Bitcoin Bridge to talk about the project—one that’s already over a decade in the making. He told Jon Southurst that the game was actually a mix of his past concepts.

“It is an NFT series that crosses an old idea I had called the Erobotz that I came up with in Tokyo in 2008,” Boase revealed. “And basically, what I thought to do is to generative series where it crosses over where you get elements of both Erobotz and Ninja Punk Girls in your NFT series.”

That, Boase said, was the basic premise. But on top of this, he went on to layer other ideas on what to do with NFTs and how they can make them extensible and interactive for buyers right now.

As with many projects, Ninja Punk Girls started out with a test series. The first launch featured original characters, and each card or main token included not just the character but all of its constituent parts.

“So the sword and the dress and stockings and the shoes and the hair, and every constituent part has its own score,” Boase explained. “The sword might have a strength three and the wig might have a sexiness two, and these compound to give the card its overall score.”

All these details can be accessed through a QR code on the top right of every card. Each code is unique to a card, and it links to a public address on the Ninja Punk Girls website. Control of the private key to that address lies with the company.

Finally, the gameplay itself is quite simple. The idea of the trading card game is to play one card against another, win the constituent elements of your opponent’s cards, and eventually win your opponent’s card as well.

We’re going to be so far ahead’

Everything that makes up Ninja Punk Girls is all stored on the BSV blockchain.

For gameplay, this means more rewards and excitement for the players. As Boase explained, the longer you keep your card, the more value that card accrues because of drops and other things that the company adds to the card over time. And it’s not just the sell reward that goes up, the card itself becomes more powerful in battles because of these accumulated gains.

“It’s a balance,” Boase puts it.  Having cards accumulate value over time encourages owners to keep hold of their tokens, but on the other hand, Boase said they still want players to keep pitting their cards against one another in hopes of trying to win other cards.

Having the game on the BSV blockchain means players can battle for a penny each all day long, and the same is true on a more massive scale. Boase admits this is possible in other blockchains, but he says the reality is that blockchains like Polygon and Solana are not going to support the actual digital cash.

“I think ultimately people’s access to Polygon and Solana and those other chains is going to be so low, it’s going to be so minimal that people won’t even bother thinking about it,” Boase said. “Whereas I think on BSV, you know, we’ve seen how fast it scales. By this time next year, we’ll probably have half of all of Solana’s transactions, I would expect.”

Those are definitely fighting words from the Ninja Punk Girls founder, but he made it clear to The Bitcoin Bridge, there is substance backing his confidence.

“In two years’ time, we’re going to be so far ahead of Solana. It’s going to leave them in the dust. So it’s just going to just make sense to build on a lot of scaling technology.”

Exciting times at the Satoshi Block Dojo

Ninja Punk Girls is just one of several projects that have gone through their paces at Satoshi Block Dojo, the original BSV Blockchain startup incubator.

Eight startups recently went on a 12-week journey at the Dojo, where they received guidance and worked with each other to grow their companies and improve upon their already impressive ideas.

Boase, who is also a co-founder of the Satoshi Block Dojo, is encouraging more people to sign up and develop their ideas at the Dojo. And he gave The Bitcoin Bridge a peek at what the experience is like.

“This experience has been amazing,” he said. “It’s super collegiate. You know, there’s like eight or 10 teams going through it at a time. You’re all in that, kind of housing your ideas. There’s expert talent coming in from outside to basically train you, take you through it. And then in the end, you have this amazing process of pitching your business to like hundreds and hundreds of investors. So it’s really like, this is a powerful program. And I just I would encourage people to sign up.”

Find out more about Ninja Punk Girls and the Satoshi Block Dojo on The Bitcoin Bridge with Jon Southurst. Watch the full interview on the CoinGeek YouTube channel.

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