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Introducing the eight startups from Satoshi Block Dojo

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The Bitcoin SV incubator Satoshi Block Dojo is approaching the end of its first 12-week programme in London’s East End. The cohort of eight startups is working towards a big night in which they’ll have the chance to pitch their businesses to an audience of potential investors. 

Ahead of that, this week’s CoinGeek Conversations offers a sneak preview of all eight of the startup ideas. And if you want to find out more about Block Dojo itself, just go back to last week’s show, in which COO Osmin Callis explains the Dojo’s philosophy and the opportunities it is offering for many more BSV entrepreneurs. 

Here, then, as briefly as possible, are the first eight businesses: 

Galatea and Pygmalion (G&P)

It’s an idea for authenticating artworks—and eventually many other kinds of product too. Galatea and Pygmalion highlights the problems of counterfeiting and piracy in the art world, and promises to fix them with a blockchain solution. The founders are two brothers. 


+App offers a way for specialists to charge their customers or clients for their time more easily than by using traditional methods. It aims to create more efficient transactions in the gig economy for a wide range of experts. Its founders are a husband-and-wife team. 

Ninja Punk Girls

Ninja Punk Girls is an NFT-based game in which players battle each other to win currency or NFTs. It will be developed as both a card game and 3D fighting game. The founders envisage several sources of revenue, both in-game and beyond. 

Sattva Meta

Sattva Meta promotes net zero carbon emissions through an accounting mechanism offering verifiable ways to track carbon offsetting claims. Its customers will receive audit-ready reports to encourage their decarbonising programmes.


 Soundoshi wants to revolutionise the music industry by allowing its customers to once again own the music they pay for. On the blockchain, fans will build an immutable collection and musicians will get a better deal than they do from the streaming services.


Buzzmint offers its service to existing brands and businesses that want to mint their own NFT projects. It will collect subscriptions and royalties from the users of its platform and believes the media and publishing world is waiting for such a solution. 


CosmosX is a space-themed metaverse in which businesses and consumers interact, using NFTs and the company’s own tokens. The space-themed world will be the site of virtual music and gaming and the company expects to benefit from the growth of VR and AR. 


Sesire will provide adult video on its Bitcoin SV blockchain platform. It wants to give power back into content creators, allowing them fast and direct payment. And it will use AI to select content for its users in what is a huge global market. 

CoinGeek is following the whole Block Dojo programme. Watch out for our BSV Stories film, covering this first cohort from start to finish.

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