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Testing essential as more data projects look at moving to BSV, says stress test coordinator

The Scaling Test Network (STN) should be used more to push boundaries and demonstrate BSV’s big data capabilities, says Big Block Testers chairman Roy Murphy. The stress test his group performed last week was “a partial streaming database migration” for a project coming over to BSV from Ethereum, he said, after it encountered scaling issues and inhibitive costs there.

Big Block Testers’ stress test, which coincided with the CoinGeek Zurich conference, broke a record by pushing 1.88GB of data onto the mainnet, and created the second-ever largest block, at 554MB. That’s still a small fry compared to what the Bitcoin SV Node team is planning with “Teranode” and other future developments… but remember it was only four years ago that Bitcoiners were arguing over whether it was feasible for blocks to be over 1MB. In BTC, that argument still continues.

Murphy said that public demonstrations on the mainnet are “fun for people to monitor,” but the STN was better for actual stress tests, since it was designed for that purpose.

Showing utility projects how to migrate

Big Block Testers is the consultancy arm of Veribit. It consists of Murphy, CTO Wian Koch, and Mathias Wulff from Bico Media. Its aim, Murphy said, is to show via proof-of-work how to migrate larger data sets.

“There is little documentation for enterprises who are new to manipulating, sanitising and compressing data to conform to the variety of new protocols built on top of the Bitcoin network,” he added.

“Because everything is economic in nature, we bring our industry contracts with miners to offer economies of scale to this process. We make the learning and documenting process easier by acting as tech partners to on-board clients who may get overwhelmed when attempting this process alone or for the first time. We have bipartisan agreements with miners to feedback bi-directionally. This aids both parties in learning how to overcome any bottlenecks in the process.”

Murphy invited anyone with utility projects wishing to enquire about migrating their data to the BSV blockchain to reach out to his group, saying it is overarching across the whole Enterprise Architecture stack. Its tech partners are varied and working on different projects, and the group “has close ties with Bico Media and TAAL Mining for all projects so far.”


He said his team encourages “coopertition,” and that it was these underlying services building out all the base layers that will deliver the promise and vision of the Metanet.

“Hypermedia and real-time streaming have unique properties that require specialist optimisation for efficient delivery. We have been leading this transformation quietly behind the scenes for over three years now. Every new test we perform is testing internal procedures only. We use the BSV STN (Scaling Test Network) for the actual stress tests because that’s what it was it designed for. We believe that STN is underutilised currently. People think we’re testing BSV capabilities on mainnet but in essence, we have already tested those processes. These public tests are fun for people to monitor as we regularly break records as we begin ramping up larger and larger data sets for migration.”

Murphy also mentioned a consultancy group he has headed for 13 years, called the Theoretix Consortium. Theoretix is a DV (“Developed Vetting”—the highest U.K. security certification) group of academics, engineers and enterprise/solution architects.

“Theoretix is Europe’s largest DV contractor agency for sensitive government and intelligence contracts. We have over 60 contracting staff on our books. Big Block Testers has unlimited access to this pool of talent, many who specialise in scaling architectures from all big tech industries.”

BSV is proving itself to be the only viable blockchain for big data projects, giving them access to a secure and verifiable network that can handle massive quantities of data at a realistic cost. With unbounded scaling capacity and low fees, it focuses on real-world utility and shuns the world of speculative digital asset price trading that has damaged the industry’s reputation in the past.

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