Take Me To Your Leader

When taking the world order its best to make sure everybody is aligned behind one mantra and, indeed, one leader. But the key is a genuine leader rather than a dictator is one that has evolved and shown a natural resilience to rise above the competition.

In the world of cryptocurrency that has surely now happened. The reality is that Alt Coins are just stealing energy from Bitcoin. There have been plenty of bumps in the road but that would be no different with any other cryptocurrency as we saw recently in the case of the Ethereum smart contract error.

This is not taking delight in such glitches – no tech system is bulletproof – we are simply making the point that whichever solution you look at there will be problems as we saw recently with British Airways.

And this isn’t an attack on Ethereum either, it is merely stating the case for the crypto-community to get behind one coin in order to make a stronger impact on the established world order of banking and credit cards.

That said Bitcoin has a fixed volume whereas Ethereum can be diluted indefinitely which we certainly see as a disadvantage for ether and is another reason we think it’s time to rally round one. That one being Bitcoin.

The more mainstream Bitcoin can become the better and while some big brands like Starbucks and Expedia are already on-board we’d like to see Amazon and Alibaba join them so this petition for the FD of Amazon we think is worth supporting if you feel inclined to help the cause.

With governments across the globe now taking Bitcoin seriously and the likes of Japan, Russia, India, Antigua and Malta actually recognising Bitcoin we have, surely, found the heir apparent. To miss this opportunity by fragmenting (divide and conquer as ‘they’ will see it) appears to be little short of madness. Let’s jump on board one ship and set sail.


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