Sydney Bitcoin SV meetup goes international

Sydney Bitcoin SV meetup goes international

The second Bitcoin SV (BSV) meetup in Sydney, Australia, was held on March 17 to a backdrop of extreme rain. The weather kept some from attending, but overall it was a successful event, according to its organizer, Jeff Guy. Guy took the opportunity to introduce a new idea to BSV meetups and he is hopeful that it gain traction with similar meetups around the world. 

Guy has created a #BitcoinBuddy system between different BSV meetups through which different meetups team up, much the same way certain cities have “sister cities.” I reached out to Guy to get more details and this is what he shared.  

The “Sydney Bitcoin SV meetup (Australia) group & Haarlem Bitcoin SV meetup (Netherlands) group are the first to team up to be motivational and inspirational for each other and the whole Bitcoin ecosystem.” 

Guy adds, “I first posted on Twitter a business (Bar Wolkers)/in the Netherlands was accepting BSV & then others in the Bitcoin space saw this & decided to go there for coffee. Eric (@eolio76) & Donald (@disco_donald) & Alex (@alex_fauvel) then formed the Haarlem Bitcoin SV meetup (@BSV_Haarlem), I proposed the system to them & it went from there.”

The Sydney BSV meetup is relatively young—only two meetings have been held so far. Both have been successful, despite the foul weather at the most recently-organized meeting. However, the idea is grabbing hold around the world and new BSV meetup groups are constantly being introduced. There are now a number of cities where the meetups are held and the #BitcoinBuddy system would be a great way for all of them to interact and spread the BSV message even further.

At both meetups, the HandCash POP payment device, a mobile solution that facilitates BSV payment transactions, was on hand and was put to good use. Guy explains, “The POP system is still in development but works smoothly and transactions are instant from the customer via the device to the default HandCash wallet set up on the device.”

Guy maintains a blog at so interested BSV fans in the area can see what’s going on and make plans to attend future meetups. They meetups are a great way to understand what is going on in the BSV ecosystem and see what new and exciting developments are being introduced. 

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