Stephan Nilsson talks with CoinGeek about facial recognition on blockchain

One of the many exciting topics discussed during the recent CoinGeek Conference Seoul event was something that has true global implications in a unique way. Unisot is working on a product that, among other things, would allow facial recognition data to be stored on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain and the company’s CEO, Stephan Nilsson, took a few minutes during the conference to discuss with CoinGeek’s Stephanie Tower what the platform has in store and where it’s going. 

The product carries the same name as the company. Otherwise known as Universal Source of Truth, Unisot is bringing to market a solution that capitalizes on the immense value of blockchain technology. It has already created a proof of concept for a data solution for facial recognition applications using the blockchain, and the response has been overwhelming. 

Thanks to recent funding, Unisot has been able to expand and set up an office in its home country of Norway. Located in the country’s capital of Oslo, the company is teaming up with a firm that has developed technology to use underwater cameras to identify and measure the size of fish. The pooled data can then be stored on the blockchain and easily shared with anyone who may benefit from the information. 

Twenty-five companies have expressed interest in the Unisot technology, and with good reason. There exists today a gap in the data collected and the data shared, with most information being stored in independent silos. By providing a unified data layer system, all interested parties can easily and effectively share their data so that more robust solutions can be generated.

Ultimately, the solution can be made available to any industry that wants to improve its data-sharing capabilities. Given the strength and flexibility of the platform, it could greatly benefit anything from maritime shipping to supply chains, and virtually any combination of markets that want to make their operations more fluid and efficient. 

Unisot is developing a plugin that would allow users to communicate with the blockchain and doesn’t plan on charging for the use of the solution. Come February, it plans on having a viable product ready, thanks to the in-house developers it has been able to hire, as well as support it has been given by BSV developers with nChain. 

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