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Start receiving BSV today: Easy Bitcoin payments for entrepreneurs, experts, creatives, and small businesses

Are you an entrepreneur, a creative person, or a small business owner looking for a low-cost, efficient, and secure way to monetize your goods and services? Traditional payment systems can be expensive and complicated, preventing many people from participating in the global economy. Fortunately, Bitcoin SV (BSV) provides a solution to this problem. With its low fees, fast transaction times, and the ability to handle up to 100,000 transactions per second, BSV offers new possibilities for businesses to grow and succeed.

In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is to start receiving BSV payments and explore the benefits of using this innovative technology to supplement your income or even make a full-time living.

The Internet was supposed to be an equal playing field where anyone could participate in the global economy. Unfortunately, traditional payment systems have been too expensive and complicated, preventing many people from taking advantage of this opportunity.

BSV aims to make that vision a reality by providing a low-cost, efficient, and secure way for individuals and small businesses to monetize their goods and services. BSV stands out from traditional payment methods because of its low fees and fast transaction times, which can handle up to 100,000 transactions per second. With micropayments and the ability to compete with larger firms, BSV offers new possibilities for businesses to grow and succeed.

If you have a website offering content, data, or information relevant to your industry, consider accepting BSV as a payment method. Similarly, if you produce digital products like e-books, music, artwork, software, apps, or templates, Bitcoin1 can be a great way to receive payments. If you provide remote or digital services like tutoring, coaching, data entry, translations, Photoshop services, web design, or SEO, Bitcoin offers a cost-effective and efficient way to receive payments.

Entrepreneurs, creatives, individuals, and small businesses should consider using Bitcoin as electronic cash for their businesses. By using BSV, you can test the market and see how you can supplement your income. The best part is that getting started is easy. You don’t have to worry about every technical aspect of Bitcoin before you start using it. Initially, all you need is a secure way to receive and store BSV. To begin, all you need is a Bitcoin address.

To generate your Bitcoin address, you can use a Bitcoin address generator like Although other BSV wallet generators are available, I recommend because you can download the webpage that generates the Bitcoin address to your computer, unplug from the Internet, and develop your Bitcoin Address offline. Doing this offline ensures no data is sent elsewhere during the generation process. This reduces the chance of anyone monitoring your Internet activity in real-time from intercepting or having access to your Bitcoin address details. Additionally, is easy to audit since all its functions are coded on the webpage, making it simple for developers and programmers to view and check the code for security and integrity issues2.

After obtaining a Bitcoin address, you can start receiving Bitcoin payments by sharing your public key with others. It’s crucial to keep your Bitcoin addresses secure to prevent theft. Your Bitcoin address includes a public key and a private key, which are alphanumeric codes that you can write down or copy to a secure document that you encrypt with a password. Think of your public key as an email address that you can share with others to receive BSV. On the other hand, your private key is like a password to access your Bitcoin wallet, and you should keep it secure to prevent unauthorized access and theft. You can secure your public and private keys by writing them down on paper and storing them in a secure container or vault. Alternatively, you can record them in a file encrypted with a strong password or passphrase and store the file on a portable device like a USB stick or an SD card.

You can also consider having these containers, USB sticks, or SD cards in a different location away from you, such as a family member’s house or your bank, because they are set up to keep things safe and secure in vaults.

One of the most significant benefits of using BSV is the flexibility it offers in pricing goods and services derived from its ability to do microtransactions. You can charge for subscriptions to your website on a per-month, per-week, or per-day basis. You can charge per download, per minute, or per page if you offer digital products like songs, movies, or e-books. You can charge per minute, half-hour, hour, or day if you provide a service. By using BSV, you can reduce costs by a hundredth of a percent compared to your competitors, making you more competitive and increasing your chances of success.

To maximize BSV’s utility, consider exploring its potential for yourself. By embracing this innovative technology, you can supplement your income or make a full-time living. With BSV, the possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, using BSV can reduce costs, increase revenue, and compete with larger firms. With micropayments and fast processing times, it is an innovative technology that can help you explore new possibilities for your business. So, wherever you are in the world, whether you are an entrepreneur, an expert, a creative, or a small business owner, why not consider accepting Bitcoin SV as a payment method and see how it can benefit you?

About the author:

Marquez Comelab – founder of – is an avid believer in the potential of Bitcoin SV to provide experts, creative people, and small businesses with an easy and cost-effective way to monetize their goods and services. Marquez is passionate about sharing his knowledge and empowering others to take advantage of this innovative technology. He has created a video demonstration on generating your own Bitcoin wallet address so that anyone, anywhere, can start earning Bitcoin today. With Marquez’s guidance, you can learn how to set up your Bitcoin wallet quickly and securely and benefit from this exciting new opportunity. Check out his video at:

[1] Please note that when we say Bitcoin, we mean Bitcoin SV, with the ticker symbol BSV. It should not be confused with BTC, an implementation that abandoned core principles described by its inventor (Satoshi Nakamoto) in the Bitcoin Whitepaper.
[2] I have made a step-by-step demonstration of using to generate a Bitcoin address. Title: “How to set up a Bitcoin Wallet to receive BSVs (Paper/Cold Wallet),” by,

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