Sreenath Rangapuram on CoinGeek Backstage

Sreenath Rangapuram talks supercharging mobility with AI and blockchain

As climate change takes center stage globally, companies offering smart mobility and ESG solutions are in high demand. Sreenath Rangapuram is the founder of one such company, and in an interview with CoinGeek Backstage, he talked about leveraging blockchain and AI to transform logistics.

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Rangapuram is the founder of Ride Commerce, a startup that promises to reduce operating costs by up to 20% per kilometer for companies relying on mobility services. The startup is backed by German luxury carmaker Audi and Techstars, a pre-seed investor whose portfolio companies have a combined market cap of over $110 billion.

Rangapuram attended the ‘Intro to AI and blockchain masterclass’ at ExCel London, where experts in both technologies delved into their intersection and integration.

“Ride Commerce is a climate ESG mobility startup, aggregating data sets for companies like Zalando,” he stated in an interview with CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero.

While a lot of data is produced in the logistics industry, it’s primarily fragmented and is unusable for most players. Ride Commerce uses machine learning and AI to predict future scenarios by interpreting the historical data, “increasing the efficiency of these logistics companies by 30% and pledging for net zero efficiency using our climate ESG dashboard.”

Ride Commerce’s business is built around data, making blockchain integration critical for Rangapuram. In the AI Forge masterclass, he learned how blockchain could help his startup better protect data, with blockchain expert Richard Boase from BSV Mint delivering an insightful presentation alongside Astroware AI’s Founder Nav Kumar.

The masterclass aimed to give AI Forge’s second cohort insights into how the two powerful technologies work together, organizer Craig Massey told CoinGeek Backstage. In addition to unlocking extra value from integrating the two, he added that it helps attract investment as they are the two technologies with the most traction.

In order for artificial intelligence (AI) to work right within the law and thrive in the face of growing challenges, it needs to integrate an enterprise blockchain system that ensures data input quality and ownership—allowing it to keep data safe while also guaranteeing the immutability of data. Check out CoinGeek’s coverage on this emerging tech to learn more why Enterprise blockchain will be the backbone of AI.

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