launches a world first NFTs with cash flows! launches a world first: NFTs with cash flows!

This post originally appeared on the SLictionary’s PowPing page, and we republished it with permission from Structured Linguistics.

NFTs aren’t just art & collectibles anymore.

The NFT craze has been huge news in 2021, and while it’s been a fun ride, all the NFTs created to date have been either collectibles or “art.” Valuing these NFTs has been nothing short of vexing if not impossible. This changes officially, now!

SLictionary, the most innovative dictionary in the world, yesterday, October 6 released their STAS token technology feature which will create the first NFTs with cash flows. NFTs with cash flows is a game-changer, as economists know that any asset with cash flows can be fundamentally valued using traditional discounted cash-flows analysis. NFTs containing valuable information, instead of just the simple custom pictures of the past year’s tokens, can allow unique token owners to collect rent on what some call “The New Oil; aka INFORMATION”. This release of the world’s first cash-flow-generating NFTs has profound implications for calculating a Bitcoin target price, in a way that’s never been done before!

SLictionary title deed
A representation of a definition title deed card for the definition “SLictionary”– reminiscent of Parker Brothers’ game Monopoly.

Since STAS tokens sit on actual BSV coins (UTXOs), any NFT owner with basic financial skills can do a relatively simple discounted cash flow analysis to determine exact prices for Bitcoin which would spur redemption of the NFT back into its BSV substrate. Longtime professional equities analyst, and SLictionary coFounder, John Pitts presented his math at CoinGeek’s New York City conference at the Sheraton Time Square Hotel. Pitts believes it’s the best Bitcoin price target attempt to date, and it uses the power of Bitcoin SV coins to store an information asset. Specifically, dictionary definitions on SLictionary earn money by getting “LIT” via light-bulb-icon votes from its users, the “knowledge seekers,” who pay the producers of those definitions micropayments for the privilege of ad-free, high-quality, enlightening definitions.

STAS token technology logo
STAS token technology logo

Longtime Bitcoin SV angel investor John Coyle set in motion the first commercial STAS token technology by posting a $21.21 Word Bounty on SLictionary for the word “Earn”. SLictionary’s reward-hungry WORD$MITHS may submit competitive definitions to win the bounty for an entry-cost of just one penny, and have 1 week to enter competitive definitions after the first definition is submitted. After one week, the Word$mith’s definition with the most votes wins the bounty. But more importantly, Mr. Coyle, and any “WordBaron” who submits a Word Bounty for > $2.00 after him, receives NFT “title deeds” to all the definitions submitted to his Word Bounty contest; thus, can own the cash flows associated with those definitions in perpetuity!

After envisioning how ideal BSV tokens could work, more than a year ago, in an article about Bitcoin (What is Bitcoin? Zen Yotta Mund Data”), Structured Linguistics Founder, John Pitts was ecstatic to see his vision come to life. Structured Linguistics CTO, John DiFelice celebrated the release, which required 3 months of intense work, inside the first 5 months of the company’s life–since the new startup was maximum-funded in its seed round this year.

Structured Linguistics’ first product, SLictionary, achieved its MVP with this release of the WordBarons feature and will begin pushing SLictionary even further by building eLearning applications on top of this dictionary foundation. The founders and its enthusiastic investors are looking forward to refining this beta release into the most efficient, enlightening, and entertaining dictionary the world has ever seen. They also look forward to producing some ancillary applications which complement the dictionary product.

Structured Linguistics LLC aims to structure linguistic human creations into highly efficient and rewarding platforms for the participants in its ecosystem. The company uses innovative incentives and modern particle-swarm-optimization techniques which are made possible only via the BSV blockchain. Their products make particular use of BSV’s micro-transaction capability, TAAL’s licensed STAS token technology, and Fabriik’s Money Button API.

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Watch: SLictionary’s presentation at CoinGeek New York

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