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Showing off THE MORNIN’ RUN classifieds—Joshua Henslee showcases his BSV app

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Joshua Henslee has been on fire recently, delivering top-notch content for the BSV ecosystem. In this video, he shows us how classifieds work on THE MORNIN’ RUN.

How the MORNIN’ RUN classifieds work

Henslee launched classifieds on THE MORNIN’ RUN a while back but never did a proper video showing how it works. He explains that the idea is similar to, but you can advertise your tweets for as low as $0.001.

Henslee explains that you log in with your HandCash wallet first. You then take a slot, paste the URL of the tweet you want to advertise, pick a category, and bid.

If you take a slot, the person who had the slot previously gets paid. The previous bidder is guaranteed to make their money back, and Henslee takes 30% as a platform fee.

“At the very least, your slot gets taken, and you get your money back, or you could make a profit if they bid even higher,” he tells us.

He then walks us through an example of how to take a slot. He takes a tweet, picks a category, and bids on a spot on the MORNIN’ RUN classifieds. The slot then gets taken and instantly appears where it should.

Henslee also explains that the token list updates every five minutes and that he wants to add more tokens as users find the site. He wants the site to be the first thing BSV users check every morning.

The MORNIN’ RUN classifieds are a great way to boost awareness of tweets and showcase the power of BSV micropayments. Bids and placements are instant win near-zero fees and are based on a fair and transparent auction system.

Summary of this Joshua Henslee video

  • The classifieds section of the MORNIN’ RUN allows users to bid so that their tweets gain visibility. It’s based on an auction system with BSV micropayments as the payment method.
  • When someone successfully bids on a slot, the previous holder of that spot gets their money back (at least) and may even make a profit. Henslee takes 30% as a platform fee.
  • Henslee aims for the MORNIN’ RUN to be a useful source of information for users—the sort of site they visit first thing every morning as he does.
  • These classifieds showcase the sort of models that are possible with micropayments. Bids win, and ads are placed instantly with tiny fees and no loss for the previous person who had their slot taken.

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