September Bitcoin SV London Meetup highlights

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The latest Bitcoin SV London Meetup took place on September 5th in Central London, an event organized by the Bitcoin Association with the intention of nurturing the local Bitcoin SV community in a relaxed, informal setting.

This edition of the Bitcoin SV London Meetup series had a laser focus on the upcoming CoinGeek Seoul Conference, taking place October 1-2, with special guest appearances from the Bitcoin Association’s Jimmy Nguyen, nChain’s Steve Shadders and Dr. Craig Wright. The trio separately delivered brief presentations on what most excites them about CoinGeek Seoul and how the event has been designed to push forward the Bitcoin SV vision.

“As I always like to say, its time for Bitcoin to grow up. And for it to grow up, it needs to get beyond the crypto hobbiest ecosystem and get into mainstream”, Nguyen told

“We have been reaching out to enterprises to educate them about building on Bitcoin SV and attracting them to come to CoinGeek Seoul to learn more. We’ve been reaching out to people in the traditional, institutional investment community – on Wall Street, in San Francisco, in other places – to educate them about why Bitcoin SV is a great asset class for they and their clients to consider”, he said.

“And finally, we’ve been reaching out to venture investors so that more investment funds around the world are starting to take a look at Bitcoin SV”, Nguyen added.

Nguyen pointed out that specific to CoinGeek Seoul, there will be an investment panel on the second day of the conference with a series of investors who will reveal the things they look for when considering investing in a Bitcoin start-up.

The Bitcoin Association will also be hosting a pre-event “BSV Venture Pitch Day” on September 29th, two days before the formal CoinGeek Seoul Conference. On this day, hand-picked start-ups will pitch their projects in front of a panel of different investors for the opportunity to be considered for investment.

Attendees were delighted with Dr. Craig Wright’s presence on the night and he spoke on the importance of engaging more developers within the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, highlighting how CoinGeek Seoul will help him achieve this goal.

“We want to actually get people engaged in building. I keep saying this. A distributed system needs developers everywhere. We need lots of systems, we need lots of people actually building an ecosystem”, Dr. Wright shared.

“You can’t make a currency like Bitcoin that is really something that takes a life of its own on and grows without lots developers who take these things up and do them”, he said.

Steve Shadders spoke more on the technical side, emphasizing the significance of the upcoming Genesis upgrade and his goal of educating BSV enthusiasts at all levels of the upgrade’s importance for the ecosystem.

“My presentation on the technical day is going to be specifically about Genesis.  It is important because its one of the most ambitious consensus changes that’s been done in the history of crypto.  I think we’re making more consensus changes in this particular upgrade than has ever been done before”, Shadders revealed.

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