Satoshi’s Vision, The Art of Bitcoin: The best of Dr. Craig Wright

Satoshi’s Vision, The Art of Bitcoin: The best of Dr. Craig Wright

The story of Dr. Craig Wright is full of twists and turns, revelations and secrets. Thanks to his prolific writing, the world can explore much of the story he’s told, but it’s never been collected and organized in one place to be easily digested; that is, until now.

Satoshi’s Vision, The Art of Bitcoin is a new e-book, available on Amazon, which compiles some of the most important articles published by Dr. Wright. The Amazon listing succinctly describes what you can expect to find in the tome:

Now, Craig Wright steps forward to explain why he chose to use a pseudonym, why he left, and why he returned. He outlines the issues facing bitcoin, and his plans for the future.

The book, which went on sale on August 25, 2019 and sells for $3.99, is 155 pages of the most essential writings from Dr. Craig Wright. It covers how he came up with the pseudonymous moniker of Satoshi Nakamoto, his original vision for Bitcoin, dispels many of the myths that have come to be associated with Bitcoin, and the future he sees in Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Except for a foreward by Paul Democritou, this is a collection of pre-existing works, taken from articles Dr. Wright first created for Medium, and then for his personal site, But while the work is already out there and available to read, it’s never been presented in such a convenient matter, as this book is organized so that a total newcomer can read from cover to cover and easily follow the story of Dr. Wright, and his history with Bitcoin.

That makes it the perfect entry point for anyone looking to understand what Bitcoin was meant to be. And it reads quite well, if the reviews are any indication. One of the verified purchaser views notes, “Craig sincerely lays out some of the history and philosophy behind Bitcoin. Excellent read.”

This also makes for the perfect reading while we wait on the upcoming book from Byron Kaye and Jeremy Wagstaff, Behind the Mask: Craig Wright and the Battle for Bitcoin, which will feature new stories from Craig Wright and dive even more into the complicated history of Bitcoin’s birth and evolution.

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