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sCrypt hackathon showed students there’s more to blockchain than ‘crypto’ tokens: Brendan Lee

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The sCrypt hackathon at the University of Exeter showed the students that there’s more to blockchain technology than digital tokens and speculation, Brendan Lee says.

The hackathon was organized by sCrypt founder Xiaohui Liu and Jack Rogers, a senior lecturer at the university. It aimed at imparting blockchain skills to graduate students and helping them develop Bitcoin applications.

“I just love seeing the next group of Bitcoiners coming through and learning about these tools and what we can do with the blockchain,” Lee told CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero.

In his presentations, Liu took the students through the basic Bitcoin smart contract features and the more complicated functionalities. He gave them “a full picture of everything they need to start building on BSV today,” Lee summed up the presentations.

The Elas co-founder lauded the students’ eagerness to learn and appreciation for Bitcoin’s capabilities.

“I get the distinct feeling that the way it’s being presented is really capturing their attention and they’re realizing there’s more to this than just crypto tokens,” Lee remarks.

At Elas, Lee has been working with clients to leverage the unbounded scalability of the BSV blockchain on enterprise applications. As he revealed at the London Blockchain Conference, one of the initiatives he’s involved in is a BSV-powered voluntary carbon credit derivatives trading platform. Elas is working on the project with Richard Baker’s Tokenovate and London-based Zero13.

“We see this as a huge potential market,” he says.

Unlike most blockchain products, the trading platform ventures into a new sector without established legacy players. This “gives us the freedom to bring something totally new to the market.”

The platform will provide a complete trade lifecycle as a smart contract and use the BSV blockchain as a ledger that captures the consensus between all the parties in the trade.

Lee has also been involved in the ongoing initiatives by nChain and the BSV Blockchain Association in the Philippines. This includes launching the Block Dojo in Bataan and partnering with the DICT on a digitalization drive.

“Philippines is going to digitize its government services using a Web3 model, allowing them to do it in a fundamentally different way that enhances privacy and is fast and efficient,” he states.

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