Hand holding a Cigar black book of Scammer Cartel Cocktails

Scammer Cartel Cocktails Book drops on RelayX

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of novel NFT projects, and this project is probably a first!

Pseudonymous creator “RΔNDI” is a longtime veteran of the “Scammers Cartel” Twitter Space conversations from which lots of interesting ideas and memes have sprung over the last two years in the big block Bitcoin space. Yes, that’s right! “Scammers” is a group of big blockers who used the moniker to advertise their public discussions of all kinds of conundrums in the Bitcoin space. They became so popular that the members started to build some reputation and celebrity for themselves, and people would ask any time it had gone longer than usual between the recurring talks.

To use their colloquialisms: it became a vibe.

Now, one of the legendary members of the Scammers Cartel, Randi, has created a commemorative cocktail recipe book emblazoned with the Scammers name and filled with recipes from the participants in the cartel, and all issued by a RelayX NFT mint and distributed with a physical and digital version.

To celebrate the launch of the book, I caught up with Randi to see what it’s all about!

Kurt: Hey Randi, let’s start with this: what is the essence of “Scammers?”

Randi: Scammers is a group of misfits, really. It’s a community of friends (and maybe some enemies) who are comfortable enough with each other to speak our minds openly whether we agree on something or not. One of the things I’ve learned from being in the Scammers Spaces and backchannel discussions is that Bitcoin can unite a lot of different personality types and people with varying belief systems under one roof. We have all argued and disagreed with each other for over a year now, but at the end of the day we can chalk it up to just being different people and being okay with it. Acknowledge things for what they are and move on with no hard feelings. The origin of the group’s name has a story behind it, and those who know it can tell it. But it is ironic on purpose.

Kurt: Why a cocktail book?

Randi: Well, mixing cocktails is something I enjoy doing for family and friends, and everyone has different tastes and preferences when it comes to the types of cocktails (or mocktails) they enjoy. I think a person’s favorite cocktail says a lot about them, and so this was a project I knew would be unique and special for everyone involved. When I started, I was concerned that the recipes wouldn’t be varied enough, but quickly realized how different everyone’s tastes are. Even the three Bloody Mary recipes in the book are unique. 

Kurt: Which person and/or what drink were you most excited to feature?

Randi: Honestly, when I was talking with Daniel Krawisz about his drink, he sort of blew my mind open to some new ideas I haven’t thought about before. Daniel isn’t much of a drinker, but his cocktail still brings a buzz. I won’t give away the secret ingredient here, but it opened my mind to the types of cocktails I could make for very specific people in my own life who want to feel a buzz but don’t like alcohol.

Kurt: Anything else? Who deserves a shoutout for helping?

Randi: I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shoutout to both @FThooligan and @kittytreats for the assistance and promotion of the project. Hooligan has also given some great ideas for future anniversary editions that I think the community will love, but those ideas are being held close to the chest for now.

I did want to reiterate that there will only be 20 copies of the NFT that correspond 1:1 to a physical book. However, if anyone is not able to snag a physical book NFT, I will be dropping 20 digital copies of each featured cocktail—so people will still have the chance to collect the entire set individually. For that drop, royalties will correspond to each featured scammer.

Kurt: What’s your favorite drink?

Randi: That really depends on the time of day and circumstances. I have a favorite drink for multiple occasions. For brunch time I prefer Bloody Mary’s over mimosas. At sporting or outdoor events, it’s ice-cold sour beers. At parties and social settings, I tend to go for easy two-ingredient drinks like gin and tonic. For relaxing in the evenings at home it’s anything with bourbon. I also love a good scotch with a single ice cube.

Kurt: Thanks for your time, Randi!

Randi: Thank you, Kurt.

If you would like to partake in the NFTs, the book and a few good drinks, the drop occurs on RelayX. March 3, and rumor has it, my favorite cocktail is featured with a story!

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