Satoshi poker chip and Craig Wright’s gaming origins: CoinGeek TV pops champagne to wrap up New York conference

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CoinGeek Conference wraps up its eighth installment in New York on October 7, with Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen delivering his world-renowned closing speech to close the event. Chief Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. immediately picked it up for CoinGeek TV, and was joined by Unbounded Capital’s Zach Resnick and Dr. Craig Wright who shared their thoughts about the event. Nguyen and the entire CoinGeek team later joined the set for the customary popping of the champagne to mark the end of yet another successful Bitcoin event.

A strategy based on poker: How Unbounded is changing VC for Bitcoin

Venture capital is associated with many things, one of which is veteran investors who have been in the game for decades. The team at Unbounded Capital is changing this image in the Bitcoin space, with co-founder Zach Resnick leading the charge.

And it’s all to do with poker, Zack told CoinGeek TV. “I think the study of risk, the study of criterion and putting in lots of hours of making sure we’re making quality decisions and not getting emotional in ways that don’t serve us when we make our decisions has been very helpful to making good investments and portfolio construction.”

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Resnick and his team have been instrumental in bringing other venture capitalists into BSV. One of the ways they do this is through investor dinners where they get to introduce these investors to the power of a massively scalable blockchain. They have held similar events in San Francisco, Miami, Denver, Austin, Los Angeles, and more. 

Unbounded Capital has invested in several of the leading startups in the BSV space, from Planaria Corp to Run, HandCash to TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF). Resnick believes that in the near future, other VC giants will flock to BSV as they discover the untapped potential in BSV startups and it’s only a matter of time before Unbounded starts competing with the Union Squares and Andreessen Horowitz.

On whether he’s worried about such mega VC firms invading the BSV space, Resnick said, “We want to change the world and you can’t do that without lots of capital and lots of experienced investors.”

Being an avid poker player, Resnick organizes poker games in his home a lot. As he revealed, about a year ago, he made his own custom poker chips, putting different images on different chips. For the highest denomination chip, with a value of $1,000, he put Dr. Craig Wright’s image on it and named it the Satoshi Chip. He presented the chip to an elated Dr. Wright who joined the duo midway through their interview to recap the event and offer his insight on the future of Bitcoin.

Dr. Wright’s gaming history and identity tokens

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Dr. Wright, who had just stepped off the stage after a fiery keynote speech and a panel discussion that also featured economist George Gilder, joined Wuckert to recap his experience at CoinGeek New York.

The nChain chief scientist revealed how impressed he was with the projects building on Bitcoin SV, many of whom presented at the event. However, he believes there’s vast room for growth and innovation. 

“One of the areas that I’d like to see is to do with authentication tokens. These have been used for a long time, but they don’t have any audit trail and there’s no way of issuing a certain number, etc.,” he said.

Dr. Wright has always had the grand vision of a world that runs on Bitcoin. However, this can’t happen overnight, and in the meantime, there have been plenty of other more trivial uses of Bitcoin that have gained massive audiences, led by games like CryptoFights. Satoshi, having started off in the gaming and gambling industries, is excited to see such uses, he told CoinGeek TV.

“I was a code tester for Buckaroo Banzai—a horrible movie came out of it too. There was also Kangaroo Jack—that was also horrible. I have this habit where any of the games I was involved in were horrible,” he joked.

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The CoinGeek Conference team later joined the three to close off CoinGeek New York with the customary popping of the champagne (which at CoinGeek Zurich led to an NFT auction of the champagne cork). Patrick Thompson, Stephanie Tower, Jimmy Nguyen and more toasted to what had been another great success for the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

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