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Cork NFT is minted: Fabriik’s Roy Bernhard joins CoinGeek Weekly Livestream episode 18

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Fresh from CoinGeek Zurich, Kurt Wuckert Jr. announced he will be auctioning a memento of Bitcoin history—the cork of the champagne bottle he opened alongside nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright, Lead Gaming Industry Reporter Becky Liggero and Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen at the closing of CoinGeek TV’s three-day live broadcast which garnered a total of over 4 million views across international video viewing platforms. To know more about the cork’s licensing information, Kurt told his viewers to check his Twitter and Twetch accounts.

“I wrote a contract in there. So if you buy the cork, you are privy to the licensing rights that are conferred there. I will burn all of my rights per the rules of the contract that’s written into it and you will be the sole owner of both the digital NFT and the physical cork, which I will send to you with a certificate of authenticity.”

Another announcement that took place on this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream was from Roy Bernhard, CEO and co-founder of Fabriik who said the company’s Exchange platform will be in people’s hands within days. Based off what Kurt learned at CoinGeek Zurich, Fabriik’s Exchange will feature a semi-custodial wallet where users don’t actually lose custody of their coins. On whether this concept is unique, the Fabriik co-founder said the idea of a hybrid exchange emanated from wanting to deliver the best of both worlds.

“As an exchange, we don’t need to hold those assets,” Roy asserts. “Pure transactions on the wallet will give people the ability to just transfer and trade with people that they may or may not know by simply dragging and dropping things around.”

Fabriik’s Exchange will allow people to trade derivatives and all other asset types, but as Roy explains, users will also be enticed to hold and grow their Bitcoins. “We’re going to try and offer some unique products and services that will allow people to maintain their base of BSV while still playing in some of the more fun and volatile markets.”

Aside from its Exchange, the Fabriik ecosystem consists of other components: its Markets, Custody, and Tokenization services. In line with the company’s mission, to build the fabric of the digital future, Roy is keen to point out his vision for the years to come. “We believe in a world where every asset, whether it’s skins from Fortnite, to art, to securities and stocks, all that would be digitized.”

Also discussed is Fabriik’s tokenization services, to which Roy was quick to clarify “we are building a tokenization platform versus a tokenization protocol.” Roy was also keen to point out the benefits of being a regulated entity. “It’s one thing for somebody to have the technology, but it’s another thing to have the technology and the regulated entities combined.”

On the podcast, Kurt mentions the Nakamoto watch, the world’s first functional Bitcoin watch, designed and crafted by Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller. Fabriik and Franck Muller are working together in hopes of adding a new functionality to the watch that will allow people to access their own private concierge to assist them with their digital asset transactions. The Nakamoto timepiece’s current functionality includes a laser-etched QR code that will allow people to access their Bitcoin wallet to make deposits. For more information regarding this limited edition, people can contact [email protected].

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