Ryan X. Charles: Bitcoin isn’t a niche industry, it’s about global adoption

YouTube video

Money Button has become one of the most widely used application in the Bitcoin industry, allowing uses to transact in Bitcoin across diverse applications. According to its founder and CEO Ryan X. Charles, the company is working on making Bitcoin easier to use, ensuring Bitcoin continues to get global adoption.

Ryan unveiled the Automatic Money Button and the Invisible Money Button at the CoinGeek London Conference. These new features allow automation of Bitcoin micropayments for the users, ensuring that their experience on other Bitcoin applications is seamless.

The new features enable completely customized user experience in any application, Ryan told CoinGeek on the sidelines of the conference. Speaking to Hannah Jackson, he explained, “For social media applications such as Twetch, you’ll be able to press the heart icon and it will just create a transaction automatically. So that way, the user experience of Money Button can blend in seamlessly into whatever the containing application is.”

The features are all part of Money Button’s efforts to make Bitcoin easier to use and thus accelerate its adoption across the globe. The growth is already taking place, he acknowledged. Having been the first company to focus on Bitcoin SV exclusively, Ryan has seen BSV’s user base grow from zero to the millions of users and hundreds of enterprises it now has.

Bitcoin isn’t meant to be a niche industry for the chosen few, Ryan believes. Rather, Bitcoin is supposed to lay the foundation upon which every other business is built, he told CoinGeek, stating, “What I want to see is more real businesses come in. What this is about is solving real problems for real people. It was never supposed to be a niche thing for niche users. This is about global adoption. This is about ultimately creating a foundation for the entire world economy.”

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