Run makes developing cross-platform apps on blockchain easier

YouTube video

When computer application development was first introduced to the world, it was slow and extremely convoluted. Over time, it became increasingly easier, reaching a point that could allow, to a limited degree, almost anyone to create applications they could share with others.

This is the vision of Run, a new solution being offered on Bitcoin SV (BSV) that was developed by Brenton Gunning. Gunning was in London in February for CoinGeek London 2020, and discussed the many traits of the service, all of which are helping to grow the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

As Bitcoin matures, it is faced with the same progression, but is responding at a rate much quicker than previous development advances. This is due, in no small part, to the innovation that preceded blockchain’s introduction, and some of those previous programming languages are now making an appearance in the Bitcoin ecosystem. To continue driving the evolution of blockchain technology and make it the standard for all kinds of applications, a new service has come to the BSV that takes the entire concept to an entirely new level.

Run allows developers—seasoned or novice—to create solutions on the blockchain. It can be used to build applications and tokens, and provides a platform that supports code, views, APIs, functions, data and jigs, all right on the network. The solution is possible because it is based on JavaScript, which is available to be run everywhere, and is delivered in an SDK for easier development.

Jigs include things like gift cards, social media posts and other forms of digital property. Run inherently allows jigs, as well as the categories, to interact with other jigs on the blockchain, further facilitating program creation and consumer use. Tokens can be created with just three lines of code, and all of the provided alternatives are proven to work on any platform—mobile, desktop, browser and server—and Run, which is currently in alpha testing, is going to be delivered free and open-source for everyone to use.

In an interview with CoinGeek’s Hannah Jackson, Gunning emphasized the importance of only needing JavaScript knowledge to build Run solutions. From simple to complex, the programming language has proven itself to offer a robust and secure application development solution that has become one of the most popular around the world. Several applications are already being built with Run, and will be released in the near future, and, when the solution is out of testing, it will receive a wide distribution so other developers can immediately begin to take advantage of its capabilities.

Ultimately, the goal of Run is to change the way the Internet is perceived. This is in line with the view of the BSV community, which envisions are more reliable and monetizable web of data. Run makes getting started with development simpler by reducing the barriers to entry and facilitates third-party development with solutions that can work easily across different platform. The forward-thinking capability of Gunning, as well as others taking advantage of the BSV blockchain and its massive scaling properties, is playing an important role in advancing blockchain adoption on a global level.

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