Joshua Henslee RockWallet review

RockWallet review: Is it worth trying?

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A growing number of people in the BSV blockchain ecosystem are using RockWallet. In his latest video, Bitcoin thought leader and developer Joshua Henslee gave a full, impartial RockWallet review.

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RockWallet—is it worth trying?

Henslee notes that this wallet supports all three SHA256 forks and several altcoins. BSV, BTC, and BCH can all be bought, sold, and swapped on RockWallet.

Zooming in on the swap feature, Henslee shows how they can be done within RockWallet itself. It’s a matter of choosing the pair, e.g., BSV/BTC, and paying the fee, which will be on the send side.

What about buying and selling coins? Both can be done directly with debit cards and ACH transfers. When you sell coins and transfer them to your account via ACH, the funds will take approximately three to five business days to show up.

Henslee highlights that RockWallet is the on/off-ramp many have been looking for. Right now, it’s available in 41 out of 50 U.S. states. That’ll be a big help to many American BSV users with limited places to buy and sell for USD.

What about general settings? Each wallet has a user profile in which you can link cards and more. It’s possible to delete your wallet or account. You can also sweep wallets by importing keys and bringing funds in.

As for sending and receiving coins, this can be done with traditional addresses, QR codes, and by utilizing the paymail protocol. For example, Henslee can request funds from [email protected], and they’ll arrive.

For security, Henslee is using fingerprint authentication, but it’s also possible to use a PIN instead. Additional security features include 2FA via email or the authenticator app, and users remain in control of funds as RockWallet is non-custodial.

I think it’s a really great tool, depending on how you want to use it. The best part is the off-ramp
– Joshua Henslee’s verdict on RockWallet.

More about RockWallet

RockWallet is open-source and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It brings together self-custody, top-notch security, quick swaps, easy transactions, and features like Paymail all in one.

This self-custodial, multi-currency wallet was built on the BRD open-source code. RockWallet is also registered with FinCEN as a Money Service Business, so everything is 100% legal and above board.

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