Robert Rice Omniscapes Metaverse will be persistent

Robert Rice on CoinGeek Backstage: Omniscape’s Metaverse will be persistent and ubiquitous

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CoinGeek’s Patrick Thompson caught up with Robert Rice, founder of Omniscape, in a behind the scenes interview at the CoinGeek Zurich conference for this episode of CoinGeek Backstage. Rice explained that Omniscape was literally building the XR Metaverse on the BSV blockchain, bringing together the full gamut of digital technologies to create a unified virtual world.

He explained how the Metaverse with Omniscape combines technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, Internet of Things devices and more, bringing them together into a single unified universe. At the moment, these technologies still stand alone and seldom interact—with their Metaverse vision, Omniscape is bringing them all together in a way that is set to significantly alter all of our daily lives.

Rice said the Omniscape Metaverse will be persistent and ubiquitous—tennis lessons will take place with a hologram in front of you, learning with you. Walking through university campuses, students will see classmates’ names appearing above their heads. Movie fans will see film posters popping out at the cinema with cool 3D holograms, and much more—all powered by Omniscape’s new entirely virtual universe.

How does BSV fall into this fold? Rice notes that everything is being built on the BSV blockchain. He said it adds so many layers of security and commerce and provenance and tracking to the offer. The BSV enterprise blockchain allows Rice to guarantee data on Omniscape is real, true and safe, with automatic verifications as required. This integrity and trust is an essential component for Omniscape to work and be trusted.

YouTube video

According to Rice, BSV blockchain is best because it is fast, secure, scalable and inexpensive—not to mention its status as the only blockchain capable of handling the metaverse and the sheer amount of data that will be generated through this.

Despite being early stage, Omniscape is already available on the respective app stores—search for Omniscape XR on the Google Play store and Apple App Store to download and get started today.

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