Robert Godes with Women of BSV

Robert Godes talks on nuclear energy, Bitcoin mining with Women of BSV

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Talking about blockchain technology without mentioning energy efficiency has become nearly impossible. Many who discuss these subjects explore ways to utilize energy in mining operations more efficiently. Such a conversation took place between the Women of BSV and Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy Corp. During the discussion, Godes explained the company’s dynamics, the fundamentals of nuclear technology, and more.

Brillouin Energy is a clean-technology company located in Berkley, California. They develop renewable energy technologies that produce commercially valuable amounts of thermal energy. “We are a private company with 70 investors, and we’ve raised just less than $22M that bought us five reactors that are running in the lab right now. It takes cash to develop the phenomena into an actual, deployable technology,” Godes said.

What brought Godes to the field of nuclear technology? With a strong interest in physics since 1992, Godes knew that physics was his calling. However, it wasn’t until 2002 when he decided to wholeheartedly focus on nuclear technology while working at Energy Line, a Chicago-based firm. 

“Energy Line allowed me to modify their NDA and develop my own technology in their lab where I was able to demonstrate that I could reliably and repeatedly get more thermal energy into the system than I was pulling electricity out of the wall,” explained Godes. The accomplishment only pushed his drive to build his own company further, and he devoted his time to developing an IP and a team between 2005 and 2009.

The conversation with the Women of BSV soon touched upon a hot topic: bitcoin mining. Mining costs are substantial given the electricity and maintenance required to run a node at all hours. In addition to consistent power delivery, supplementary power tends to fluctuate in availability. When asked how he could improve this, Godes explained that with nuclear technology, it does not matter whether it’s rain or shine, underwater or outer space: nuclear technology is a consistent, stable, reliable, steady-state power. 

“The ignition system has an accelerator pedal on; you push down on the accelerator; you get more energy out. You let up on the accelerator, you get less energy out. It is dispatchable. In electricity terms, when you turn it on, it is on, and when you turn it off, it is off,” stated Godes.  

The Women of BSV educated Godes about the fundamentals of BSV and that Bitcoin is a system invented by Dr. Craig S. Wright, which offers great utility. And BSV has always maintained green and energy-efficient standards. With projects like Brillouin, the Bitcoin community will flourish even further, observe lower costs and greener processes with reliable, steady-state power.

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YouTube video

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