RelayX offering discounts on Bitcoin SV purchases

RelayX offering discounts on Bitcoin SV purchases

RelayX is setting itself up well to be a real super wallet in the Bitcoin world, with easy on-ramps and countless features. Now, thanks to it’s use of Bitcoin SV (BSV), it can also be a way to save money too.

The wallet has announced that BSV users can receive discounts when using RelayX in their latest Medium post, “Spend with RelayX — BSV Discounts.” With the latest update to the wallet’s software, “users can set a saving percentage rate when withdrawing funds to a linked fiat wallet or scanning a fiat wallet QR code.”

To do so, users simply have to load BSV into their RelayX wallet, scan a fiat wallet QR code they wish to make a payment to, and confirm when the payment has been made. Doing so will save users anywhere between 0.5% and 5% on their purchase.

RelayX is able to offer these savings by effectively purchasing BSV from end users at a markup, and then converting it to fiat to make the purchase. This shows not only the wallet’s support for the true Bitcoin, but their confidence in its long term value.

Available for Android and iOS devices, RelayX already supports six fiat wallets: Alipay, WeChat Pay, Kakao Pay, PayMe, Paytm and PromptPay.

In case users of any of those payment systems want to take advantage of this great offer but don’t know how to get their hands on BSV, RelayX offers a very easy to use online portal to top up on funds using fiat. There’s also always FloatSV, the utility based exchange offered by Jack Liu, founder of both FloatSV and RelayX.

These steps to increase BSV adoption and usage all work towards the Bitcoin future that Liu has previously talked about. In a recent interview with CoinGeek, Liu noted that he wants Bitcoin to be so easy to use that customers don’t even realize they are using it. With great deals like this, and advances in the space like Paymail, it looks like he’s accomplishing just that.

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