R3 Corda goes live on Amazon Web Services

Distributed ledger consortium R3 has announced the launch of its flagship Corda platform, which has gone live today on the Amazon Web Services marketplace.

The consortium, which comprises a range of over 100 different companies from across financial services and other sectors, has made the platform publicly available on Amazon Web Services for the first time, enabling users to develop applications on Corda.

Amazon Web Services users can access the platform to develop and deploy custom blockchain applications, as well as ready-made applications from R3 covering a range of financial and corporate functions–or CorDapps, as they are known.

The launch marks one of the first distributed ledger solutions to be made available on the Amazon Web Services marketplace, with R3 hoping to reach out to more developers to build on the platform through the marketplace.

R3 CEO David E. Rutter heralded the launch as a significant milestone in the development of the underlying technology.

“Corda’s strength comes from its vibrant ecosystem of interoperable applications, and extending the pool of potential developers to the vast network of Amazon Web Services users will spark further innovation among businesses building innovative DLT apps for finance and commerce,” said Rutter.

The news comes just several weeks after the first production launch of the Corda platform, which went live for the first time in October of this year.

The production launch was designed to harmonize the core APIs with previous versions of the platform, as well as increasing the available privacy options and scaling modifications for Corda 1.0.

At the time, R3’s chief architect Richard Gendal Brown described how the adjustments had made it “much easier [to move] from one version to the next,” which he described as providing developers with “the confidence to invest more heavily now…the platform will still work for them as they go into production.”

Working collaboratively to develop frameworks and standards for DLT development, today’s news is considered a landmark in the Corda and R3 development story. Mainly focused in banking and financial services sectors, R3 now encompasses over 100 members, including banks, startups, regulators and other organizational stakeholders.

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