WeatherSV announces deal with Mempool for lower fees

WeatherSV announces deal with Mempool for lower fees

In these early days of Bitcoin SV (BSV) business development, projects are finding new ways to streamline their business models to cut costs and find the most efficient ways of working with the blockchain. WeatherSV, one of the most notable business working on the blockchain today, have announced a new way to do just that.

In an October 23 Medium post, titled “Update – New Road Ahead,” the WeatherSV team have announced important changes to how they transact data to the blockchain, nothing they will no longer be broadcasting to the BSV network. They explain:

We will no longer broadcast to the network, instead we will send our transactions directly to a miner that will broadcast them to the network. The methods on how we send the transactions is a work in progress and will evolve over the near future.

They go on to name Mempool as their mining partner, with a .2 satoshis per byte deal to write to the blockchain, with the amount fluctuating based on the current price of BSV.

By doing so, WeatherSV is locking in a lower transaction fee for all of their future BSV weather data, and they are passing the savings on to the consumer. New channel activation prices will reduce to AU$3 (US$2.05), and existing channels will see their days remaining increased. They also note WeatherSV will use some of the savings to guarantee future updates to the service.

There will be some growing pains though, they note. “Current weather conditions will update as normal but the chart will be slow to update and we may drop off real time transaction analysers until sorted,” they caution.

This is the first major update we’ve heard from WeatherSV since CoinGeek Seoul. At the conference, founder Paul Chiari emphasized how WeatherSV is serving communities that sorely lack real time and historical data on the weather, and will have impacts on industries like the transportation and insurance sectors.

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