FYX Gaming CryptoFights Battlegrounds Evolve

Popular game CryptoFights is coming back with all-new features

After two months of downtime, CryptoFights has announced it’s returning with some major upgrades. FYX Gaming’s BSV blockchain-based fantasy combat game now has a new modular backend to guarantee support for future updates and faster gameplay. The item ownership system has also been completely redesigned, with a “Game Vault” for the game’s native items and a “Blockchain Vault” with multiple blockchain support for storing and trading other assets.

Once responsible for the lion’s share of daily transactions on BSV, the popular turn-based game has been offline since February 2023 to prepare for version 2.0. Players at the time had to withdraw their BSV from game wallets (but not the game’s CFS tokens), leaving some wondering when or if CryptoFights would return. However, without a definite timeline, FYX reassured them the downtime would only be temporary, and this latest announcement would reinvigorate interest in the platform.

Game and Blockchain Vaults with multi-chain support

FYX has also made the FYX Gateway to shift assets between the two vaults. Promising a “bridge between traditional gaming and full-fledged web3 experience,” FYX Gateway allows players to move items between CryptoFights’ native BSV as well as Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and others. Players can store and trade assets with external services like Metamask and OpenSea.

Fees on other blockchains will be free for users (ie, covered by FYX) and transfers instant if using BSV. In a blog post published this week, the company said it understands past players are keen to start trying out the new version and promises to keep them up to date with big announcements “soon.”

“We’ve recently completed a 24-hour test on testnet for a whopping 1 million PVP battles, and we’re gearing up to conduct a similar test on the main net soon, so watch this space for more updates. On top of this, we’ve reimagined item ownership and battle registration on the blockchain, taking what we were already doing and making it even better.”

There is also a list of social media channels to follow, including Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, for those looking for the latest news.

FYX also promises big upgrades to CryptoFights’ gameplay and overall usability, saying they “cater to traditional gamers and unlock a whole new world of possibilities by seemingly blending in-game and on-chain experiences.”

FYX: ‘We’re not rushing the process’

No definite release date or a specific list of the new features is available just yet, with FYX saying, “we’re not rushing the process” and “we’re far from finished.” The team teased by saying there’d be improvements and new features in characters, enemies, quests, and leaderboards. There will also be new social features like global chat and friends lists.

In late 2022, the BSV blockchain was processing over 35 million transactions on some days, with CryptoFights responsible for most of that volume. Even without its presence, though, BSV has dominated the transaction pie charts on Bitinfocharts, with 3.47 million transactions in the past 24 hours and a 54% share of all transactions against Ethereum, BTC, and Litecoin, as well as XRP/Ripple (which is not a blockchain).

The game has gained much attention in the BSV and gaming space for its rich world design and engaging gameplay. In a way, it (temporarily) fell victim to its own success, requiring regular upgrades to keep up with the number of users, though FYX always stated they were dedicated to its long-term success and preferred to shut down to rebuild the system entirely rather than degrade players’ experience.

The game is based on Dungeons and Dragons, with dice rolls determining fight outcomes. Players also gain skills and enhance in-game items the more they play, with the BSV blockchain recording all moves and item status. The blockchain records of all game moves also serve as a fairness and anti-cheating mechanism, as all past plays/games can be analyzed later.

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