Poland’s food supply chain set to improve with Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin has always meant to be about traceability, not just of money, but of all things. Thanks to a collaboration between Poland’s National Agricultural Support Center [KOWR] and nChain, the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain will be used to ensure efficient circulation of information under a food passporting project.

KOWR has been working on a food passporting project, aimed at promoting Poland’s agricultural production, and in support of sustainable development. To do so, they recognized that blockchain technology was the way to ensure information efficiently flowed throughout the supply chain, and BSV was the blockchain to do it.

To work on the BSV blockchain, Deputy Director General Wojciech Kędzi signed a confidentiality agreement on behalf of KOWR with nChain. Together, the two groups will work on a system that will provide farmers with credibility for their products, and an overall increase in profitability. Consumers will have a verifiable history of how food was produced, allowing higher quality goods to achieve a higher market price than those of questionable sources.

KOWR expects it will be able to use BSV to develop a concept for the “Food Passporting” project, which it can then implement and help Poland’s agricultural industry. Thankfully, BSV is the one blockchain that can handle the task in the near future.

Thanks to its dedication to unlimited scaling and a stable protocol, BSV is the only blockchain capable of real world enterprise usage right now. In its adherence to Satoshi’s original vision, BSV has established itself as the data ledger for the world, and that makes it a perfect medium to carry important data, like the origins and history of Poland’s food products.

Of course, this is one of the standard, practical ways that Bitcoin SV can improve something as old to the world as a supply chain, and improve it for the 21st century. But as we’re now discovering every day, BSV can create entirely new use cases, only possible due to a totally on-chain world, like rewarding people for their data, and promoting only the most valuable content produced on the web.

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