nChain, Calvin Ayre welcome Zerotrillion as official ‘agency of record’

Enterprise-grade blockchain solutions company nChain announced it has selected Zerotrillion as its agency of record. The Amsterdam and Toronto-based agency began devising a brand strategy for nChain at the start of 2020.

Technology entrepreneur and investor Calvin Ayre, who joined nChain’s strategic advisory board in December 2019, also welcomed Zerotrillion’s involvement:

In the creative services/media industry, the term “agency of record” refers to an agency tasked with handling the broad spectrum of a client’s requirements. This covers everything from advertising and PR to branding strategy and visual identity, traditional and online media relations, and corporate communications.

nChain CEO David Washburn said Zerotrillion had presented a “flash brand strategy” to nChain at the end of 2019, and his team was impressed by the agency’s grasp of blockchain technology and related issues.

“It was instantly clear that their understanding of this emergent technology was head and shoulders above the average communications firm. The team at Zerotrillion worked side-by-side with our stakeholders, helping us distill an immensely complex suite of services into a clear and communicable brand that we’re confident will help us continue to lead the next wave of global blockchain adoption.”

nChain builds practical applications for blockchain technology aimed at enterprise and large organizations, including (but not limited to) the financial services industry. It has assisted development of Bitcoin reference client Bitcoin SV Node, which released Bitcoin v1.0.1 “Genesis” in Q1 2020.

Its other projects include the “Nakasendo” blockchain security toolset and the Bitcoin Server Network (aka “Teranode”). Teranode is designed to handle enterprise-level applications and other functions on Bitcoin’s Metanet, all of which will need to handle massive data throughputs. nChain describes the services it offers as off-the-shelf solutions, bespoke solutions for individual clients, and turnkey platform services. It provides blockchain-based solutions based on the three principles of stability, scalability, and security.

Several of nChain’s team members are well-known figures in the Bitcoin industry, including Chief Scientist Dr. Craig S. Wright, Chief Technology Officer Steve Shadders, Director of Research Owen Vaughan, and Lead Developer Daniel Connolly.

The team has proven what was once a hotly-debated topic in Bitcoin—just how much data a blockchain network can handle, and whether the technology is truly capable of competing with existing, non-blockchain services. Its testnets have already seen Bitcoin blocks of over 1GB in size, containing over 5 million transactions.

nChain is also heavily involved in research and holds an impressive portfolio of blockchain technology-related intellectual property. Since 2018 it has been granted several patents (and applied for others) on technologies fundamental to the blockchain industry.

Zerotrillion CEO, Alex Paquin, said of the deal: “Zerotrillion was created to deliver moonshot creative ideas for clients we believe have a meaningful mission. nChain is committed to working with governments, organisations and businesses to ensure a better understanding of the transformative potential of blockchain technology. We’re absolutely confident that the adoption of a scalable, public blockchain across nearly every industry will be looked back on by history as one of the most important ideas of our time, and we’re sincerely honoured to be on this journey with the team at Chain.”

On its homepage, the company says “Zerotrillion was born out of our contempt for the rampant acceptance of mediocrity.”

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