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Peergame integrates Paymail

Bitcoin SV-powered gambling platform Peergame has now integrated Paymail, making it easier for ordinary users to take part in provably fair gaming. Users can now send BSV to Peergame’s Paymail address to play some of the most popular games.

Peergame announced the Paymail integration on Twitter, revealing that users will now be able to receive winning payouts instantly on their Paymail addresses. Turtle Race, Bitto and Ladder are the games that Paymail integration will support.

The platform becomes the first gaming site to integrate Paymail’s human-readable Bitcoin addresses, the Peergame team told CoinGeek in an interview. This will enable peer-to-peer payments between receiver and sender “as Satoshi designed.”

“Paymail is essential for the adoption and growth of the Bitcoin economy as it makes Bitcoin addresses human-readable. It is a big step to onboard non-technical, ordinary users to Bitcoin and Peergame.”

Peergame has become one of the most popular applications on the Bitcoin ecosystem in the past year. The team told CoinGeek that the user numbers and volume have been growing steadily as the gaming options and features have increased, noting, “Peergame is the single most used app in BSV by non-bot transaction count.”

The platform’s unique experience has set it apart from any other gaming platform. While there are thousands of online gaming platforms that have integrated digital currencies, Peergame’s user experience gives it an edge over its competitors.

“We believe that there will be many competitors in the future as the BSV ecosystem expands. We’re going to aid more competition and growth in Bitcoin SV-focused iGaming industry by providing B2B services.”

The gaming site will continue to expand its offerings, the team told CoinGeek. “We’ll continue to build more games, such as sports betting, slots, poker, etc. We plan to provide not only betting games, but also other games that users can play against each other.”

Peergame launched its latest game, Dice, in July 2020. Similar to Satoshi Dice, the newest game joins Ladder, Baccarat, Turtle Race and Bitto which can all be played on Peergame with no need for registration.

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