Paul Rajchgod: Investing in BSV projects is paying off for institutional investors

YouTube video

The Ayre Group may be the largest source of investment funds for projects being built on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, but it isn’t the only source. During the recently held CoinGeek London conference, CoinGeek’s Hannah Jackson got together with Paul Rajchgod, the managing director of private equity for the Ayre Group’s CG Ventures investment arm, to discuss what is happening with blockchain investments and where the future is headed.

Building new applications on the BSV blockchain is now lightyears ahead of the capabilities of other networks because of the scalability of the BSV platform. Thanks to the continued work to return Bitcoin to its original form, which was accomplished with the Genesis upgrade in February, creating enterprise solutions on the blockchain is now possible and easier than ever.

CG Ventures only invests in projects on the BSV blockchain because, as history has shown, all other projects either fail or fall extremely short of being able to provide an enterprise-level solution. Millions of dollars have already been provided by the investment arm to between 15-20 companies, with more projects now being considered for funding. Rajchgod has been involved with the application and approval processes for the investments, and has seen how virtually no industry has been left untouched by BSV developers. From finance to gambling, all segments of enterprise operations are being covered.

Institutional investors have historically shied away from investing in blockchain technology because they either didn’t understand it or because it was too risky. In order for them to develop a serious interest in blockchain funding, these investors need to know that the target is a proven solution with global, enterprise-level implications. They want to know that their money is going to a stable, sustainable project that will survive the test of time, and only BSV is able to provide that level of confidence and reassurance.

These investors, taking the lead from CG Ventures, are beginning to notice the potential of the BSV blockchain in enterprises. Institutional funding is starting to make its way into the space, and more investors are beginning to put their money into BSV development. Given the massive on-chain scaling potential of BSV, and the fact that the protocol is now set and won’t be changed every few months like that of other blockchains, institutional investors are digging in and more are allocating greater portions of their available funds to BSV development projects. Ultimately, this is going to help BSV achieve one of the goals it has always had – to be a blockchain-based solution for enterprises.

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