Pantera Capital nearly set to start third crypto venture fund

Pantera Capital nearly set to start third crypto venture fund

There are companies that are destined to figure out a way to do things right. While others are beating their heads against the wall or are making moves that seem good on paper, only to fail in reality, there are those that get ahead of the curve. They figure out a way to be successful in every move they make.

That appears to be the case with Pantera Capital, which has raised $125 million of the $175 million they need to start a new crypto venture fund according to

It has been a gaudy idea for Pantera Capital from the start, which announced that in August they had already raised $25 million toward their third crypto venture fund. In just eight months, they have raised another $100 million and expect to raise the remaining amount by the early part of the summer.

Venture Fund III, as it has become known at Pantera, has investments from at least 30 companies to this point, maybe as many as 50. The original two funds they started had 44 different companies invested, so it was not a surprise that so many jumped on board at the opportunity to join Pantera in their newest crypto venture.

Last year, Venture Fund II saw a 60% increase in the first three quarters while Bitcoin Core (BTC) dropped 53% during the same period. The cryptocurrency bear market proved to devour a large number of investors, but not at Pantera Capital. Their investor letter touted the success of Venture Fund II, increasing the portfolio of its ICO by 25%.

It’s no wonder that investors are chomping at the bit to get involved in Venture Fund III. Where others have failed to generate revenue for their investors, Pantera has figured out a way to earn significant revenue for those willing to jump in on their crypto venture funds.

It looks like the only thing standing in their way now is a new set of codes created by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This regulation was implemented in December and the company recognizes that they could very well be in violation of these new laws. That could decrease their overall success by up to 25%, but this has not deterred investors from choosing to jump on board with Venture Fund III.

The company already has a proven track record of success in the crypto market, so no reason to believe that some regulations can stand in their way now.

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