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Osmin Callis: The future looks bright for Bitcoin SV entrepreneurs

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The Bitcoin SV blockchain is “absolutely perfect” for startups looking to build their businesses on chain, says Osmin Callis, Chief Operating Officer of the Satoshi Block Dojo. 

“The fact that Bitcoin SV is a complete financial system that you can run your business on is only starting to become apparent to both enterprises and individual entrepreneurs so, yes, the future, I think, looks very bright.”

Business building is a subject that Osmin knows a lot about. In her role at the Satoshi Block Dojo, she is responsible for guiding young startups with ideas for building services and products on the BSV blockchain

The startup accelerator, which welcomed its first cohort in January 2022, takes its team members through a highly structured 12-week mentorship and training programme. This programme can be divided into three stages, as Osmin explains to Charles Miller on this week’s episode of CoinGeek Conversations

The first stage is all about problem validation and looking at the commercial viability of the idea that the entrepreneurs have come up with. The second is focused on the technical elements of the application or service that they intend on building and the third is all about getting them pitch ready, so they are prepared to meet the Dojo’s network of investors. 

The current cohort are coming to the end of their training and have just come out of an intensive mentoring scheme, says Osmin. “They have just come through a very rigorous two weeks where each team meets over 80 mentors and they share what they’re doing, what their project is about and then they receive advice from every single one.” 

Once the 12-week incubation process is complete, the startups are ready to go out into the world, hopefully with their pockets full of investor change. They are not totally alone though as the Dojo is committed to continuing to support and engage its startups until they are ready for their seed round, a process which Osmin predicts will take around 12 months. 

While the incubator is the Dojo’s main focus, they also run a series of events for those who may not already be switched on to the power of the BSV blockchain. These include ideation jams, masterclasses, and university roadshows. 

Osmin says that she wants these events to stimulate people to harness skills and ideas gained from whatever business or academic experience they have and transform it into “something that can result in them becoming a founder.” 

For example, there is an ideation jam scheduled for the 20th of April which is focused on using Bitcoin SV to find innovative solutions for the construction industry. The event will be preceded by a workshop and a mixer to get attendees thinking about what challenges need to be tackled in the industry. 

These events show the role the BSV blockchain can have in solving inefficiencies across a range of industries, and they also draw entrepreneurs into the Bitcoin SV community, with the winner of the jam invited to apply for a place on the Satoshi Block Dojo. 

Osmin is determined that any hard-working entrepreneur should be able to find a way to connect with the Satoshi Block Dojo, and with investment funding recently announced from Ayre Ventures, this will only become easier. For those looking to join the next cohort of entrepreneurs, applications are currently open to join the incubator with a welcome date of April 31, 2022. 

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