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Craig Massey: Bitcoin SV is the golden goose to lay the golden eggs

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Craig Massey is a man on a mission. A mission to show the world what companies can achieve when they use Bitcoin SV. That’s why he has co-founded the Satoshi Block Dojo, a startup accelerator for budding entrepreneurs with ideas for building on the BSV blockchain. The London based programme will offer successful applicants 12 weeks of support, investment opportunities and up to £150,000 in backing.

An experienced entrepreneur himself, Craig Massey was inspired to get into the BSV space by his joint co-founder Richard Boase, a Bitcoin journalist and BSV devotee. Craig says he was shocked by the difference in what he was hearing about the digital currency from Richard and the negativity he was seeing online.

This confusing contradiction drove Craig to find out more and really do his research. He says that he spent 150 hours watching videos of Craig Wright, when he should have been relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean.

“The deeper I went and the deeper you go, you actually uncover what I think is the most amazing opportunity.” That opportunity, to build on the BSV blockchain and utilise the original Bitcoin protocol is something that Craig is jumping into with both feet.

The accelerator has already accepted six founders who will be starting their journey in January 2022. Craig says that he’s chosen to focus on businesses who plan to build real world applications, rather than infrastructure companies which are already prevalent in the space.

Speaking on this week’s episode of CoinGeek Conversations, he discusses the six startups that he has chosen and what makes them special. He also explains what makes the Satoshi Block Dojo different to other incubators, saying that “most incubators, they pay lip service, they do a very small amount of work.”

He explains that his team will take over all the administration needed to start a business so his entrepreneurs “never have to lift a finger with any of that nonsense.” Craig will also assist his mentees with fundraising by providing a £10,000 golden hello and, crucially, access to the extensive network of “business angels” built up by himself and his Dojo colleagues.

He hopes that by matching up founders with investors and R&D partners early on, they will be more likely to iterate and produce valuable solutions fast. He plans to set up regular “commercial hackathons” where he can match entrepreneurs with corporate companies and encourage developers to build solutions for the latter’s pain points. The first hackathon will take place in October and is focused on IoT solutions for insurance companies.

This hands-on approach is based on Craig’s own experience of setting up seven startups. He wants to allow the founders to focus on coming up with solutions that will quickly find enterprise customers.

Craig is confident that his proactive approach and the value of the BSV blockchain will be a winning combination. He says that this is the most exciting thing he has ever done and believes “this is the golden goose that’s hopefully going to be laying the golden eggs.”

With a history of successful exits to his name, three of which have sold in multi-million-pound deals, Craig is clearly someone who knows a golden goose when he sees one. Honk, honk!

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