Omniscape-powered AR app instant hit at CoinGeek Live 2020

CoinGeek Live was the first of its kind, connecting the global Bitcoin community from the New York and London studios. While the event had its fair share of announcements and surprises, the audience involvement with the CoinGeek Conference AR app was one of the highlights.

Built on Omniscape, the app allowed the audience to participate in the virtual event. As Transmira Inc. revealed to CoinGeek, the app was downloaded almost 1,500 times with most of the downloads being from users who attended CoinGeek Live virtually. However, there was also a sizeable number of users who learned about the app on social media.


Several users took to Twitter to relate their experience using the app.

Upon downloading the app, you had to input your Paymail address or your HandCash $handle to get started. This is where you would receive the Bitcoin SV collected during the giveaways. During the three day conference, the app held several giveaways, which you could easily participate in by scanning the room around you for the 3D objects. As Bitcoin Association SEA Regional Manager Ella Qiang described the experience, it was like playing Pokemon GO, but with an economic incentive.

“The BSV values for each of these ranged from $0.10 on the low end to a maximum of $10. We changed the values and random distribution from drop to drop to provide some variety and excitement. I think some people were expecting values in the fractions of a penny and were astonished that it was otherwise,” Transmira CEO Robert Rice told CoinGeek.

Users spent 9 minutes on the app on average, according to Rice. “This is very high, and according to statistics, this would place us in the top ten social media applications in terms of average user time in app.”

The app allowed users to vote for their favorite project on the Hackathon – which RepZip eventually won. The app also attracted users from across the globe with users in every continent, except Antarctica.

Omniscape blends augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) together to essentially “bring location and data to life.” The platform, which links 3D virtual goods to real world products and offers, is powered by Bitcoin SV. As Rice explained to CoinGeek:

“Building something like Omniscape must be secure, ensure privacy, and work efficiently in order to be successful as the platform of the future. The very nature of what we are creating has tremendous applications and implications for nearly every industry vertical, and as such, will accelerate the adoption and use of Bitcoin and blockchain in our day to day lives. We are literally putting the world on-chain.”

Watch Robert Rice’s presentation on XR (Experiential Reality) Applications: Greater Power with Bitcoin SV at CoinGeek Live.

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