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Business 13 August 2020

Venezuela to accept taxes in Petro

The National Tax Harmonization Agreement will implement an information exchange and monitoring system for companies that will allow them to pay taxes in Petro.

Business 5 February 2020

Scam Petro abandoned in Venezuela: Report

Merchants in Venezuela are refusing to accept payments in Petro crypto, claiming that exchanging the Petros for bolivars is difficult and leads to huge losses.

Business 24 January 2020

Venezuelans don’t want the Petro crypto

Venezuelans are desperate to rid of the Petro crypto recently airdropped to them by the gov’t and are now selling it on P2P marketplaces for half the price.

Business 27 September 2019

Can Venezuela’s central bank store BTC, Ether?

Venezuela's central bank is looking into whether or not digital currency could bolster its international reserve figures, which are now approaching the lowest amount seen in 30 years.