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Business 17 April 2023

SEC and Ripple face off over fair notice defense

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple have exchanged filings over one of Ripple’s most prominent defenses against accusations it illegally offered unregistered securities in connection with XRP.

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Business 13 March 2023

Ethereum is a security—CFTC is wrong

As per the legal opinion of both the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the New York Attorney General, Ethereum, and most other tokens sold via ICO, are unregistered securities.

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Editorial 6 March 2023

Even BTC is a security

To be classified as a security, the "investment," the "efforts," and the "third party" identified in the Howey test should not be completely unrelated to any interest in the "common enterprise."

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Business 27 February 2023

Bitcoin and Securities: Law is coming

Liberty begins with personal responsibility leading to a culture of responsibility—have we seen this in the blockchain space? No, not by a long mile, Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. writes.

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Editorial 12 December 2022

‘Crypto’ is an obstacle to blockchain and DLT

The 'crypto' industry got in the wrong direction long ago and has gone too far by turning the original Bitcoin into a multitrillion-dollar gambling of speculations over other people's speculations.