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Business 16 April 2021

COPA vs Craig Wright: What the market thinks

The price of Bitcoin SV has been rapidly rising, and it’s no coincidence that the price rise began on the same day the Crypto Open Patent Alliance announced its filing a lawsuit against Dr. Craig Wright.

Business 24 February 2021

Open source does not mean what you think it means

The Bitcoin community in particular has fetishized the concept open-source to the extent that it has become nearly inseparable from the promise of Bitcoin and blockchain technology generally.

Business 29 January 2021

From Satoshi himself: On the White Paper

Dr. Craig Wright has released a statement detailing his thinking behind the recent spate of legal letters that have been sent to certain individuals hosting the Bitcoin white paper.

Business 29 January 2021

Bitcoin White Paper Statement of Jan 29, 2021

By taking action against certain misusers of the white paper, Dr. Craig Wright aims to bring awareness to the Bitcoin system that is described within it, and to distinguish the system from others using the Bitcoin name.

Business 27 January 2021

Craig Wright on open source and liability

In his latest blog post, Dr. Craig Wright addressed many of the current events around the Bitcoin whitepaper, enterprises in Silicon Valley that pilot the BTC protocol, copyright, and intellectual property.