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Artificial Intelligence robot hand is holding the AI
Business 27 May 2024

UK lawmakers seek more transparency in AI models

As AI adoption soars, lawmakers are working on rules that push for greater transparency in how firms train their AI models to curb copyright issues stemming from the use of the tech.

Joshua Henslee interview on TODO BITCOIN YouTube channel
Interviews 3 February 2024

BSV after COPA: Joshua Henslee shares his thoughts

Regardless of the outcome of the COPA v. Wright trial, Joshua Henslee believes BSV will live on, telling TODO Bitcoin that the counterculture nowadays cares less about patents, cases, and lawsuits.

OpenAI ChatGPT AI computer program on PC screen
Business 15 January 2024

OpenAI wants to license CNN, FOX, Time news content

OpenAI is seeking a long-term partnership with CNN, FOX, and the Time to integrate their news content into ChatGPT's training, aiming to improve its accuracy while reducing copyright infringement cases.

Kurt Wuckert Jr.
Business 4 December 2023

COPA v Wright: Bitcoin’s soul at stake?

Podcaster and fitness influencer Gavin Mehl had an interview with Kurt Wuckert Jr., talking about how Bitcoin can help preserve history and the COPA v Wright trial in January.