New tell-all book exposes John McAfee’s crimes against humanity

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“John McAfee is a dangerous criminal who is slowing mass adoption of blockchain technology and stealing money from those who follow him,” a new Amazon ebook by Jamie Edwards has claimed.

Beyond his known financial crimes, the tell-all book titled Escape from John McAfee’s Secret Cult in Paradise highlights even more reason to call the fraudster McScammer. The book’s author, Jamie Edwards —a former business partner and mentee of McAfee’s — details many of the so-called “cyber security expert’s” lesser known financial crimes as well as his crimes against humanity.

Edwards’ story begins in early 2019, when he and his business partner traveled to the Bahamas to meet John after developing what would become “John McAfee’s Bitcoin Play” – a now defunct blockchain-based gaming app that allowed users to earn crypto while playing. But what started as an exciting opportunity to do business with a tech legend quickly took a dark turn, according to Edwards, when McAfee began employing isolation and intimidation tactics to manipulate Edwards – among many other victims.

In his book, Edwards details his harrowing journey navigating through shark-infested waters and drug-fueled tirades with the McAfee clan. While the timeline Edwards provides is sometimes confusing, his story does check out. Edwards claims several instances of McAfee’s crimes including:

  • · Paying off a Bahamian police officer to fund a drug cartel;
  • · Signing an affiliate deal so McAfee’s earned income from their co-business venture would be untraceable;
  • · Stealing and possibly killing an innocent pig;
  • · Fleeing from the Bahamas to Cuba for fear of extradition;
  • · Trafficking hundreds of thousands of dollars into Cuba without claiming them to customs;
  • · Stealing a woman’s passport and credentials so she could not leave John and return to the U.S.; and even
  • · Murder.

In the end, Edwards and McAfee parted ways after John decided to stop promoting the app Edwards and his partner had spent months completing.

In Edwards’ eyes, John’s true crime is that he stopped financially benefitting Edwards and his partner. But whether you sympathize with Edwards’ position or not, his ebook is an entertaining read for anyone who follows the ever-unfolding McAfee melodrama and possibly for law enforcement.

You can download Edwards’ eBook Escape from John McAfee’s Secret Cult in Paradise for $2.99 on Amazon.

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