Luka Topolovec on CG Backstage

nChain’s Luka Topolovec: We’re all students of Bitcoin

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Luka Topolovec, the regional COO for nChain in Slovenia, believes that we’re all students of Bitcoin and can learn something new about its potential everyday.

Topolovec was at The Bitcoin Masterclasses in the Slovenian capital city of Ljubljana, and as he told CoinGeek Backstage, listening to and interacting with Dr. Craig Wright gave the attendees an edge over their peers in the blockchain industry.

Topolovec was among several nChain staff at the second installment of Dr. Wright’s Masterclass series. Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero, he pointed out that the aim was to learn from Satoshi as “we’re all students of Bitcoin.”

“It’s very valuable for my colleagues to learn as much as we can. This gives us a competitive advantage in innovating the future,” he said.

Multicast, IP2IPand IPv6 were at the center of Dr. Wright’s lectures. Topolovec believes that these elements of technology will have a significant impact on Bitcoin applications. This makes it critical for developers within nChain and beyond to grasp these technologies well, as the end user only cares about the end product.

“People don’t necessarily need to understand the technology behind [applications]…it’s about figuring out the best user experience to make sure that this technology improves people’s lives.”

Dr. Wright has hammered home this message for years, pointing out that Bitcoin should be the plumbing and end users should just reap the benefits without having to understand the blockchain nitty-gritty.

As with every other attendee to the Bitcoin Masterclasses, Topolovec heaped praise on Dr. Wright.

“I think he’s a great professor and expresses his ideas patiently…a lot of our friends and colleagues had the opportunity to learn something new,” Topolovec noted.

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