nChain releases Nakasendo with added C++ and Python support

Developers and enterprises working on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain are getting an upgrade from nChain. In a February 14 press release, the blockchain development research firm announced that Nakasendo v0.3.0 has been released in public beta, following feedback received on v 0.2.0.

The Nakasendo toolset, which allows enhanced security for cryptographic key management and greater control over digital assets, is specifically designed to provide an enterprise level of security and greater access for developers. The team at nChain has been hard at work adding requested features to the toolset since December, and they’re ready to roll it out to the public.

Now coming to Nakasendo is a native Node.js library, now wrapping C++ implantation, and thus allowing Node.js developers to use C++ implementation of the Threshold Signature. Also included is a library of components to implement Threshold Signatures in C++ based on Google Protocol Buffers for cross-language compatibility. Using the same buffers, there’s also an added Python implementation of Threshold Signatures.

That’s not all though. After receiving feedback in the early-access beta program, the team have also made several bug fixed and improvements to the core of the Nakasendo library, increased its unit test coverage, and created comprehensive documentation describing Threshold Signatures from a theoretical perspective, as well as adding code snippets to illustrate key concepts.

Steve Shadders, CTO of nChain, noted why Nakasendo is such an important resource for enterprise use. “The public release of Nakasendo™ v0.3.0 marks a new milestone in enabling enterprise-grade security for applications on the blockchain,” he said. “The toolset allows for accessible use of efficient and secure control of access to digital assets and resources, and equips developers and businesses with the necessary tools to make the integration of solutions on the blockchain feasible and frictionless.”

Full information on Nakasendo can be found at its official website. If you’re hoping to see what’s coming next from nChain, the place to look might well be CoinGeek London. With several speakers set to take the stage, we might found out what’s coming next from the Nakasendo team, and how BSV is helping enterprises evolve to the next level of business.

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